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Falcon Compound Bow and Packages

The Falcon is perfect for introductory into the world of compound bows. Smooth to draw using a standard round wheel and a generous brace height. Not the fastest bow on the market but one of the most reliable.

Raven Compound Bow and Packages

The Raven is a new version of the popular Falcon model bow. The new “carbon” finish paint work makes this bow stand out from the crowd.

Harrier Compound Bow and Packages

Our new Harrier package has been renamed, (previously “Perfectline”). With the name change also comes some new additions. Now the package comes with a new hunter themed colour display box.

Talon Compound Bow and Packages

Still one of the best ways for juniors to start with a compound bow. The Talon is easy to draw and comes complete with all the gear to get started right.

Archery Combo Set

Everything you need to add to a bare compound bow o make it ready to shoot!
(5 items) 1 page
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