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Buck Expert Crow Call - 168

Great sounds with minimum blowing efforts. Easy to use.

Mick Lacy Crow Call ML-68

This call reproduced all languages of the American crow and the European crow.

Buck Expert Fox Call 174DA

Calls any predators with the sound of a rabbit in distress.

Buck Expert Combination 3-in-1 Predator Call 74F-T

This call has three different reeds and represents a highly versatile instrument.

Buck Expert Fox Call - Fox and Rabbit in distress 74R

With this call you can reproduce fox locater calls, female fox-in-heat, fox pups-in-distress, rabbit-in-distress and fawn-in-distress.

Buck Expert Predator Call - 74S

This extra-compact call imitates perfectly the mouse squeak.

Buck Expert Diaphragm 74D

Its double reed transmits animal in distress sounds and allows you to shoot without moving. A perfect imitation of cottontail, jackrabbit, snow shoe hare, rodent and coyote’s howls.

Mick Lacy Predator Call - Dying rabbit long range call - ML40

Soft mylar reed allows for high volume and piercing cry of dying rabbit.

Buck Expert Wild Boar Call - 62

Versatile & easy to use, it is a must for all hunters. This call reproduce realistic boar, sow or piglet sounds.

Mick Lacy Wild Boar Call - ML62

Versatile Wild Boar Call. Young Boar, Piglet call.

Buck Expert Red Deer Call - 67ST

A new concept in red deer calls. Imitates red deer roaring, barking and hind-in-heat.

Buck Expert Lanyards for Callers

Single or Double Lanyards for use with Callers

Eberlestock Gossamer G-Type Frame

Eberlestock AG2 Gossamer G-Type Frame - Weight: 10 oz The Gossamer frame is designed to complement our packs that have the Intex II tubular frame. The interchangeability of these two frame types fulfills the Intex II modular concept. The basic design of packs equipped with the Intex II is intended to take advantage of the frame's superior support, comfort, and load-bearing interface with the human body. But there are times when you may want a flatter or more compressible pack, or a more flexible overall structure, and it is for these reasons that we've developed the Gossamer. Made of polycarbonate with vertical-axis stiffening channels, the Gossamer gives an ideal mix of vertical support and torsional flex. It is quite tough and is superior to polyethylene frame-sheets which form the core structure of most internal frame packs. Thus, the Gossamer is a simple and high-performance means to convert your Intex-II equipped pack to a more traditional internal frame pack. Once you're equipped with a Gossamer, you'll be able to switch your pack back and forth, selecting a style that best meets the needs of the day. The Gossamer comes in two sizes: choose the AG2S for our slightly shorter packs (the G2), or the AG2L for our longer packs (the G4). Shipping Dimensional Weight = 7 lbs. (due to the requirement for a long carton).

BUCK EXPERT Smoking Sticks

Dispense attracting scent over several hundred yards ~ sticks will smoke for up to 12 hours

Fox Urine - Synthetic - 08SYN

So effective, even their sense of smell can't distinguish it from real urine. 60ml

Wild Boar - Synthetic Urine - 51SYN

A reproduction of the smell of hormones, secretions, pheromones and musk similar to wild boar in rut or sow-in-rut. 60ml

Wild Boar - Sow-In-Heat - Synthetic Urine 51LSYN-125

A reproduction of the smell of hormones, secretions, pheromones and musk similar to wild boar in rut or sow-in-rut. 125ml

Wild Boar - Semen Scent - BS51SYN

The semen odour is the best to use on your scraping during the rut period. Synthetic, this semen odour will give the best results if you have a mature boar in the area. 30ml - 12 per box

Wild Boar - Olfactive Lure - 17B

Very efficient to bring big game near your hunting site. We greatly recommend to use with urine to secure your game and bring it to the place wanted. Sold with sprayer.

Buck Expert Wind Squeeze - Windicator - 03

Wind Indicator - 10g Ultra precise mechanism for effective dispersion.

Red Deer - Hind-in-heat Urine - Synthetic - 02SYNST

A reproduction of the smell of hormones, secretions, pheromones and musk similar to hind-in-heat. 60ml

Red Deer - Dominant Stag - 05SYNST

A reproduction of the smell of hormones, secretions, pheromones and musk similar to buck-in-rut. 250ml

Buck Expert Duck Call - Great Beginnings Mallard - Double Reed Caller 178M

Great sounds with minimum blowing efforts. Double reed. Easy to use.

Deer Lure - 17ST

The most potent red deer lure on the market. A mixture of 100% natural, partly fermented fruits and natural sugar. Delivered with sprayer.

Buck Expert Duck Call - Great Beginnings Black Duck - Single Reed Caller 178B

Great sounds with minimum blowing effort. Single reed Easy to use

Buck Expert Duck Call - Mick Lacy Mallard Magic Double Reed Caller ML25

These calls feature a larger bore in the tone channel giving you more volume on open water and windy days. Sounds high and clear.

Wickn Pad - For use with urines and cover scents

Tied to branches they are ideal for dispensing scent. 4 extra-absorbent pads per package.

Duck Call - Mick Lacy - The Natural - Double Acrylic Caller ML30 Buck Expert

This shorter double reed is one of the best we've produced. A must for every duck hunter!

Duck Call - Mick Lacy - Double Reed Caller ML21 Buck Expert

This little double reed decoy has a long reach. A new concept of the barrel gives a clear and accurate sound.

Duck Call - Mick Lacy - Teal Caller Buck Expert

A thin mylar reed makes the high raspy quack of the Blue Wing Teal.
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