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Great Grey Submarines - Big Western Port Gummy Sharks


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"Great Grey Submarines - Big Western Port Gummy Sharks" is a new DVD from Brendan Wing and Warren Carter and comes in a deluxe 2 disc set. See these guys land some monster Western Port gummies and they share plenty of tips and locations in this quality independent release.

This DVD explains how Brendan and Warren go about catching big gummy sharks in Western Port, with plenty of detail and great action.

The first DVD is dedicated mainly to HOW and the second DVD is more about WOW. Disc One, "Gummy Shark Basics" starts with a basic narration and images of WP from the air. Then the boys get down to business on the water and talk to the viewers directly as they go about fishing.

Disc One covers how to choose a location and why, what tackle, outfits and rigs to use - including many different and relevant bait presentations. Plenty of theory here, backed up with a nice starter fish of about 7kg.

Brendan and Warren then get on the move (while displaying GPS marks) in search of bigger fish, all the while practicing what they preach. Disc One also has a bait collection chapter that Mario might love or hate. The boys go in search of big squid and get a few.

Disc Two, "Getting Down To Business", is less talk and more action and the results speak for themselves as the fish just get bigger and bigger. Along with plenty of reel-screaming action you also see landing techniques and another bait collection chapter - this time covering snook and 'couta. Once again you get to see the results first hand of collecting fresh bait and following the basic concept Brendan and Warren call "intercepting". (No soft plastics were harmed during the making of this DVD.)

Drag ratchets on the reels are always on during the fight scenes so viewers can actually hear what the fish is doing and the footage also shows the sounder when Brendan and Warren are searching ground. They try to get every viewer to feel as though they could be making the decisions for themselves.

All the fish on disc two are released as they are big breeders, and much emphasis is put on Catch and Release fishing throughout the DVD.

In short, you get to see and hear a lot of techniques, all backed up by results.

Presented by fishing journalist and experienced angler Brendan Wing with co-host Warren Carter, a charter skipper, plus Brendan's hound Scout who fills in as co-host when Brendan goes in search of big fish without Warren. But it's not a journo and charter skipper on this DVD, just experienced fishos having a good time fishing while sharing a few secrets.

Running Time: 144 mins
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