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MICK LACY and BUCK EXPERT Callers and Lures


Premium Doe Estrus Wafers

Made from 100% natural doe-in-heat urine, collected during the estrous cycle, plus secretions taken during the 24-36 hour breeding period. In a convient wafer pack.

Scotch Shaker Fox Call (1503)

This hardwood shaker style call features a variable pitch reed to imitate the distress cries of a rabbit. Popular for hunting wild dogs or foxes

Tenterfield Fox Whistle

The Tenterfield Fox Whistle, when blown, emits a squeal very similar to the sound made by a rabbit in distress; but with a little practice it can produce a variety of distress calls which adds immensely to its versatility.

Tin Fox Button Whistle

These fox whistles emit a high pitched squeal. Perfect to keep on you at all times! One of the best and most reknown fox whistles on the market.

Scotch 2 Predator Call (1533)

Two predator call with adjustable tone for long range and mouse squeaks for close in work.

Scotch Rabbit Squealer Call (1563)

Hardwood call produces the high pitched sound of a distressed rabbit. Designed to hold in your mouth.

Scotch Mouse Squeaker (1553)

Here's the one to bring predators in close. Just tap bulb. Every serious predator hunter should have this call. Great Alternative Sound

Silver Fox Whistle

Designed with dual note. The 1st a crisp whistle and the 2nd has a harsh raspyness to it. Both individually attract foxes and a range of other species.

Silver Fox Whistle Instructional DVD

Instructional DVD for the Silva Fox Whistle.
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