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In 1898 the Merkel brothers came to a decision to build the most ambitious over-and-under guns in the world. The B3 and B4 are the modern MEM sisters of the traditional 200 and 303 series from the formative years. These robust and practical guns are built around a duralumin receiver and carry the Suhl genes in the form of the Jäger tilted block breech. This can be detached without tools, and locks steel-on-steel in the barrel. Merkel does not compromise with the barrel. All rifle and shotgun barrels are cold forged in the Merkel manufactory. The B class is remarkably short and light and correspondingly responsive. The lower barrels of the B class are horizontally and vertically adjustable, and free floating. This guarantees an outstanding heat dissipation. The models are differentiated by their locks and allow for different trigger preferences. The B3 model has a double lock with manual cocking system, the B4 model a single lock system, enabling precision shooting with a finely tuned adjustable trigger.

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