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SAKO QUAD Hunter Pro

SAKO QUAD HUNTER PRO The Sako Quad Hunter Pro has the latest Sako features and is designed to look and feel like a traditional Sako hunting rifle. The full-sized walnut stock resembles the famous Sako 75 design and offers the same accuracy as all legendary Sako hunting rifles.You will find that the Sako Quad is no ordinary rimfire, it is a small bore hunting and training firearm that functions as its own system, complete with several options to choose between.

Product details

Interchangeable barrels

Sako's trailblazing innovation and out-of-the-box thinking lead to the design of interchangeable barrels. The barrel change on a Sako Quad only takes a few seconds: just insert a tool, turn it 3 full circles, and tilt the barrel upwards while pulling out the action. Then simply insert another barrel, and change calibre if you wish. This makes the Sako Quad extremely versatile – and its accuracy is phenomenal. Corresponding barrels have individual serial numbers.
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