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  • Swarovski Scope Z6i 5 - 30 x 50 P

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    For long-range accuracy


    You can aim accurately only if you can see accurately. The Z6i 5-30x50 P (BT) is the long-range specialist. Its great strengths lie in its reticle’s low subtension values, the 30x magnification, lateral parallel turret, and HD optics.

    Accuracy for the longest ranges. Thanks to its reticle’s low subtension values and the 30x magnification, the Z6i 5-30x50 P L offers the ideal prerequisites for shooting over particularly long distances. HD optics and lateral parallax correction guarantee you a faultless image.


    BT: Ballistic Turret- The ballistic turret can be separately adjusted to your personal requirements, allowing you to stay on target at different distances.

    SR: The SR mounting rail enables you to fit this rifle scope model securely and at a very low level.

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