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  • Merino Treads - Allday Feet Socks

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    Product details

    Engineered performance and supreme comfort.

    Soft merino inner, only virgin wool is next to the skin, plated to a strong dense nylon outer.

    Midweight All -purpose outdoor and everyday sock, using the natural characteristics of wool to wick and disperse moisture.

    - Reciprocated Toe and fitted heel

    - Arch braced for support

    - Flat knitted on sides reducing bulk in the width of the boot and providingventilation.

    - Dense Terry loop underfoor to provide a cushion, double plated on the outside with nylon along the ful length of the foor to ensure maximum wear and prevent rubbing at the heel and toe.

    - Full terry leg providing insulation and cushioning

    - Only 100% Merino Wool is to be found next to the skin regulating and insulating temperature and moisture changes.

    Natures evolution tested renewable performance fibre, next to skin Merino. Guaranteed to be the most comfortable sock you will ever wear, and outlast and outperform any synthetic fibre.


    75% Merino Wool, 20% Nylon, 5% Elastin Sizes M L XL.

    3 Pairs for only $50.00!!!!

    (Please select 3 pair deal and the yes option below.)

    Normally $19.95 each

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  • Your price: $19.95
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