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Spypoint Ultra Compact and Solar Trail Cameras

Spypoint Ultra Compact and Solar Trail Cameras. Spypoint cameras are developed for easy usage. Using the quick reminder sticker inside the internal enclosure of the camera, the user will be able to operate the camera without referring to the user's manual. The user's manual is available in English, French and German. The removable internal camera is also very practical for easy manipulation.

Spypoint Force-10

Ultra compact trail camera. Quality & innovation at an entry level price! All the key elements for a good trail camera are covered for your next hunt. The ultra-compact SPYPOINT FORCE-10 trail camera captures 10 megapixel photos or HD video in color by day & black-and-white by night. The camera uses 42 high-power low-glow LEDs to offer the best night time images. It is the perfect camera to avoid disturbing or spooking your game. The curved motion sensor lens improves the detection angle and distance of its 5 detection zones. The detection range can also be adjusted from 5' to 80'. The camera has an incredible battery life when powered by 6 AA batteries and even longer when using the rechargeable lithium battery pack (sold separately).

Spypoint Force-11D

Ultra compact trail camera. The FORCE-11D has it all! Great flash range, millisecond trigger speed, viewing screen & amazing battery life.

Spypoint Solar

Solar Trail camera. Never buy batteries again! The SPYPOINT SOLAR trail camera has a built-in solar panel & rechargeable battery. .

Spypoint Live Series Cameras

A range of cameras that are fully configurable online.Wifi camera enables user to connect camera to smartphone, laptop or tablet or connect the camera to an existing network.

Spypoint Smart Series Cameras

Spypoint Smart Series Cameras
(6 items) 1 page
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