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    The LBW model range is a light-weight, low-cost repeater (bolt action) rifle having a modular design for everyday use. All models have the option of changing the barrel / stock and locking mechanism / calibre, a direct trigger, an open sight and 3+1 magazine.

    System - compact 3-lug locking mechanism, with barrel and calibre change

    Barrel and calibre change - The barrel is changed using an Allen key, and the calibre group is changed with the locking bolt head, without using any tools

    Stock change - LBW-D with latch, changeover between wooden, match or plastic stock

    Trigger mechanism - Direct trigger, trigger set as an option

    Magazine - Magazine insert, 3+1 or 2+1 rounds with Magnum calibre, spare magazine as an option with 5 or 4 rounds with Magnum

    Sight - Open sight (LBW-S) and rear fibre optic sight (LBW-L, LBW-D)

    Stock - Selected walnut, cross bolts, cedar wood butt, fish-scale checkering, rubber stock pad (LBW-L, LBW-D)

    Safety - De-cocked system using the VOERE safety cocking system (manual cocking based on the ball-point pen principle) (LBW-L, LBW-D)

    Barrel lenght - 60 cm (optional 55 cm), Magnum 65 cm

    Total lenght - 113 cm

    Weight - starting from 2,7 kg

    Calibre - standard: .243/.270/.308 Win, 6,5x55, 7x57, 7x64, .30-06, 8x57JS, 9,3x62 spezial: .223Rem, 7mm Rem.Mag., .300Win.Mag., .375H&H

    All calibres have been designed using the LBW technology

    The LBW range is available as:

    Standard: LBW-S

    Luxury: LBW-L selected stock wood material made of walnut with chequered fish-scale and precious wood butt, safety catch mechanism of Monte Carlo type.

    Take Down: LBW-D the detachment of the complete stock from the system and the barrel without the need for any tools makes the Take Down a universal firearm. With the help of a latch at the forend, you can choose between different stock variants (hunting, stalking) made of selected wood types or plastic.

    Contact us further for enquires, purchasing and prices.

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