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Model 2165
The top grade in the K98 line

This model has elegant lines with a high grade stock. It is always reliable, proved a million times over

The elegant layout, fine stock wood and top tang safety catch make the 2165 an attractive choice, being based on the K98 system that has been proven many millions of times over.

Weight / Length – starting from 3.3 kg / barrel length 600 / 650 mm, total length 1,130 / 1,180 mm.
Stock -? Walnut, oiled, Bvarian cheek piece, wound hammer, pistol grip, Scottish fish-scale, rubber stock pad, exotic wood butt with a thumbhole.
Barrel -? swinging type made of special rifle barrel steel (maximum durability and precision).
Bolt handle - flush mounted
Safety – Safety catch at the top tang (Safety catch directly blocks the sear).
Trigger mechanism – Finely adjustable shotgun trigger or German hair trigger.
Sight / scope mounting – Adjustable height beam sight with butterfly sight adjustable on the side / threaded boreholes in the sleeve.
Magazine - Magazine insert or hinged cover magazine (3-5 rounds).

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