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A Deer Cullers Tale - Dave Drangsholt

Dave Drangsholt started his hunting career in the wilds of Australia hunting the local Sambar deer. From those early hunts he became interested in deer and moved to the Mecca of South Pacific deer hunting in the South Island of New Zealand.

I Did It My Way

For 23 years Lewis Reid followed his dream to successfully hunt and take the 'South Pacific 15' , this 176 paged book gives you an insight into the dedication required to turn the dream into reality.

Spot X Hunting New Zealand (2nd ed.)

Following the sell-out success of the first edition of Spot X - Hunting New Zealand, we have added over 300 new hunting spots making this edition over 40% bigger!

An Era Gone - Dave Ratcliff - OUT OF PRINT.

Dave Ratcliffe lived and worked through changing times. The transformation of the the venison industry when foot hunters were replaced by helicopters, and the timber industry as native logging ended. This is his story of the times gone by..

Hunting on Sacred Ground - Dave Ratcliff

After his previous book (An Era Gone) was published in 2007, numerous people asked Dave Ratcliff for a sequel. Having lived a further 23 years as a hunter in various fields since the end of the previous book, there was another story to tell - a story of challenge and achievement, of passion and pain.

Tanning Skins and Furs - James Churchill

Here is everything you need to know to make soft leather and dressed furs from the skins of small and large furbearers, domestic animals, reptiles, and birds.
(6 items) 1 page
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