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Scotch Double Reed Duck Call - 1477

Deeper sounding full wood construction. Unique double reed system a favourite with black ducks.

Scotch Marshmaster Duck Call - 1440

Tough polymer construction with adjustable reed. Great value and easy to use.

Duck Call - Mick Lacy Mallard Magic Double Reed Caller - ML25

These calls feature a larger bore in the tone channel giving you more volume on open water and windy days. Sounds high and clear.

Duck Call - Mick Lacy - The Natural - Double Acrylic Caller - ML30

This shorter double reed is one of the best we've produced. A must for every duck hunter!

Duck Call - Mick Lacy - Double Reed Caller - ML21

This little double reed decoy has a long reach. A new concept of the barrel gives a clear and accurate sound.

Duck Call - Buck Expert - Mallard Call - 178M

Great sounds with minimum blowing efforts. Double reed. Easy to use.

Haydels Double Reed Mallard - DR-85


Primos Calls - Timber Wench Double Reed Duck Call - Model 819

Wench® style duck calls have the patented "Tone Ridges" and "Tuning Ditches" on the sounding board which keep the reeds from sticking or freezing while giving the call its raspy highs and lows.

Primos Hunting - Feedin Mallard Duck Call

The Feedin' Mallard™ is so easy; anyone can pick it up and make the feed call just like a mallard duck. When combined with your favorite duck call you sound like a flock of mallards.

Hunters Specialties Bill Collector Mallard Barrel Duck Call Hunters 08013

These polycarbonate calls have a brushed aluminum band and are polished to look like acrylic. They are durable too, able to withstand the toughest hunting conditions. They make all the sounds, from ringing hail calls to feeding chuckles. Available in single and double reeds in two color choices.

Quaker Boy - Easy Chuckle Duck Call

The feeding chuckle is a great call to coax working birds in those last few yards. Chuckling on a duck call for many is the most difficult sound to reproduce. We have developed the Easy Chuckle duck call so that imitating a chuckling duck is as easy as a shake of your wrist.
(11 items) 1 page
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