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Lightforce Pred3X - Compact Weapons Mounted LED Light

The Colour Rendering Index of these authentic CREE chips have been especially chosen for their ability to produce a high contrast neutral white light.

Lightforce Pred6X Firearm Mounted Spotlight

The Lightforce PRED6X® Rifle Mounted Flashlight PRED6X has been designed to be the ideal flashlight for any hunter. The Pred6X® is a purpose designed LED firearm mounted light from Lightforce. Designed in Australia, this firearm mounted light is superior to all others of its kind on the market. Lightweight and with precision medium range prey identification, the Pred6X® suits multiple portables applications.

Lightforce Pred9X Firearm Mounted Spotlight

PRED9X® is a purpose designed light intended for firearm mounting. Its not a flashlight or a bicycle light; rather its a tightly focused LED light intended for use with a riflescope to provide accurate target identification over medium range. Best product in the category of Sports and Leisure in the 2013 Australian International Good Design Awards
(3 items) 1 page
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