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The perfect accessory for any hunt!



Buck Expert CALLERS

Broad range of callers to entice your prey.

Buck Expert LURES and URINES

Attract your prey with synthetic urines and lures.

Fox Combo Call

Fox Combo Call - Our best selling fox shaker call just got better. Now including a bonus mouse squeaker and neck lanyard free! The shaker fox gives a high pitch scream of a distressed rabbit, hare or lamb. Foxes can't resist coming in for an easy prey. The shaker has an easy to use bellow that is worked by hand so no need to blow through the call. Fix the call in position and use a cord line to work the call in a different position for another option. Once the fox is called in from long range the mouse squeaker can be used for close work. Just squeeze the rubber bulb or tap in under your foot.

Tin Fox Button Whistle

These fox whistles emit a high pitched squeal. Perfect to keep on you at all times! One of the best and most reknown fox whistles on the market.

Scotch 2 Predator Fox Call (1533)

Two predator call with adjustable tone for long range and mouse squeaks for close in work.

Silver Fox Whistle

Designed with dual note. The 1st a crisp whistle and the 2nd has a harsh raspyness to it. Both individually attract foxes and a range of other species.

Quaker Boy - Crow Bar

The Crow Bar Crow call is factory tuned to be extremely loud and high pitched!

Quaker Boy - Squeezin Screamer

Quaker Boy - Hunters First Choice

Quaker Boy - The Brawler

Quaker Boy - Hunters First Choice

Fox Whistle - Blue and Neon


Long Black Fox Whistle


Australian Penny Fox Whistle

Handmade from orginal coins.

Triple Tone Crow Call - TC-87

Haydel's Game Calls Inc.

Mojo Critter HW5121

After trying many versions, MOJO Outdoors has developed the most effective predator decoy on the market.
(16 items) 1 page
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