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Deluxe Universal Game Caller and Remote Controller

Deluxe Universal Game Caller & Remote Controller.

Deluxe Universal Game Caller only

Deluxe Universal Game Caller only

SAKO 85 Brown Bear

SAKO 85 BROWN BEAR Sako has added an everyman's safari rifle into the Sako 85 product family with the introduction of the Brown Bear in action size XL. This extends the calibre selection of the Bear series to include 416 Rigby, 450 Rigby and 500 Jeffrey. The laminate stock has been redesigned to accommodate larger calibers, while the barrel profile has been redefined for the new calibres.

Sound Cards for use with Universal Game Caller

Choose from a broad range of Animal sounds.

Universal Game Caller Remote Controller

Wireless remote for use with AJ Productions' Universal Game Caller.
(5 items) 1 page
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