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Eberlestock Diamond Peak Vest

Eberlestock Diamond Peak Vest - If you’re looking for that finishing touch for your cold weather gear, the Diamond Peak is the missing piece. With 80-gm Primaloft insulation and our proprietary waterproof membrane, it is a perfect layering piece for mid to late season hunting. Featuring an athletic fit and designed to be layered, the Diamond Peak is built for comfort but doesn’t sacrifice performance. The inside features a single, large cell-phone pocket. Two over sized fleece lined hand pockets are built high enough to allow you access while wearing a pack with a hip belt. From the urban jungle to the timberline, when the temperature drops,grab the Diamond Peak and keep your core toasty.

Eberlestock Bennett Mountain Vest

Eberlestock Bennett Mountain Vest - Sometimes a jacket is too much, and your Bruneau Hoodie won’t be enough to keep you warm. We created the ultralight Bennett Mountain Fleece Vest for times like these. Use it for early season hunting, and for all-around comfort when you need just a little more than the basic shirt on your back. Designed for a close-to-the-body feel with a four-way stretch material that won’t hold you back. Cut to wear over your first and second layers. When you count ounces in your pack and speed and efficiency are at the forefront of your planning, this is the vest you need. Stay light and stay warm with the Bennett Mountain Fleece

Eberlestock Airbase (Top) Underwear

Eberlestock Airbase (Top) Underwear - Made in Finland by people who know how to stay warm when it’s cold, this is the best next-to-skin layer in the world. Polypropylene is widely known as the best wicking fabric, but even with traditional polypropylene you can feel periods of damp chill when your body builds a layer of sweat or you simply get wet. But with the Airbases big air pockets, you have nothing contacting the majority of your skin surface, while adjacent polypropylene wicks moisture, so you always feel dry. You can wear pretty much anything over the top of it and feel comfortable and dry, in any weather. And if you’re out on a day that gets hotter, you simply expose the base layer and, voila, you get instant full-blown cooling. So you can literally wear this stuff right into a warm day, and regulate your temperature more easily than with any other garment. Made of polypropylene with silver ion scent control. Shirt has knit collar and cuffs. PRODUCT INFO Color: Gray

Eberlestock Airbase (Bottoms) Underwear

Eberlestock Airbase (Bottoms) Underwear - Made for Eberlestock in Finland by people who know how to stay warm when it’s cold, this is the best next-to-skin layer in the world. Polypropylene is widely known as the best wicking fabric, but even with traditional polypropylene you can feel periods of damp chill when your body builds a layer of sweat or you simply get wet. But with the Airbases big air pockets, you have nothing contacting the majority of your skin surface, while adjacent polypropylene wicks moisture, so you always feel dry. You can wear pretty much anything over the top of it and feel comfortable and dry, in any weather. And if you’re out on a day that gets hotter, you simply expose the base layer and, voila, you get instant full-blown cooling. So you can literally wear this stuff right into a warm day, and regulate your temperature more easily than with any other garment. Made of polypropylene with silver ion scent control. Pants are full length with elastic waist band and knit cuffs. PRODUCT INFO Color: Gray

Eberlestock Lost River Jacket

Eberlestock Lost River Jacket - The Lost River Mountains in Idaho are some of the steepestand biggest base-to-summit peaks in North America. Not to be taken lightly, the Lost Rivers offer breathtaking views and tough climbs. This jacket was inspired by the technical ascents and backcountry trails of the Lost River Range. Offering the best in class wind/water protection for amid weight jacket, this featherweight piece should be a staple in every kit. Featuring 80gm Primaloft insulation, packable into its inside-chest pocket, breathable, and touting a superior warmth-to-weight ratio, this jacket is built to perform. Two over sized fleece lined hand pockets are high enough to allow you access while wearing a pack with a hip belt. Whether it is on the Alaskan Tundra or the alpine of New Zealand, you won’t ever want to leave this at home. Rely on the Lost River jacket so that you remember the experience and not the elements.

Eberlestock Cache Peak Jacket

Eberlestock Cache Peak Jacket - Unlike any other fleece you will find, the Cache Peak Fleece is in a league of its own. This is a really cool piece -- cool as in James-Dean-cool -- and its high-pile fleece interior will keep you toasty on those crisp mornings when it seems like the sun is never going to come up. With a waterproof-yet-extremely breathable weather protection membrane and 4-way stretch soft-shell outer, the Cache Peak has an excellent warmth-to-weight ratio and will keep you warm without weighing you down. It has an ergonomic cut allowing you full freedom of movement. The full length zipper allows you to easily put it on over your other layers. Unlike other fleece jackets, the Cache Peak features our proprietary water-resistant membrane, meaning you get to hunt longer in adverse conditions. Versatility is the best feature of this jacket. Layer it over the top of your Airbase layer, and Bruneau Hoodie and forget about the dropping temperature. Or wear it in the cool September mornings and stash it away in your pack the rest of the day. Its also a great all-purpose jacket, with a finely woven soft-shell outer layer and very clean lines.

Eberlestock Bruneau SPF Hoody

Eberlestock Bruneau SPF Hoody - *NEW* Bruneau Hoody Overview We've taken our quest of designing and constructing the most advanced hunting clothing on the planet seriously. Every piece has gone through hours of testing, evaluation, and alteration. During this process, one of our most anticipated pieces emerged -- the Bruneau Hoodie has become our go-to, all-purpose hunting shirt. In the early season, wear it by itself, as a lightweight, super stretchable, sun-protective, cool-breeze kind of hunting shirt. As the season gets colder, add our Airbase layer beneath it, and the Bruneau becomes the shirt that you'll keep wearing right into the winter. Hunting often involves long hours behind the glass, in the sun, looking for animals, or hours in a treestand -- with concern for wind, scent, bugs, and elements. Stay in the hunt and out of the sun with the Bruneaus Hoodies SPF 30+ protection factor. Features include 4-way stretch polyester fabric, long sleeves with thumb holes, a fitted hood, and a half face zipper. Regardless of where and how you hunt, the Bruneau Hoodie will be your new favorite -- a lightweight barrier that will keep you comfortable.

Eberlestock Afterburner Pants

Eberlestock Afterburner Pants - Technical, versatile, lightweight, and built to last. The Afterburner pant brings the Eberlestock approach to a great pair of hunting pants. Made of 4-way stretch polyester with a DWR finish, Afterburners provide a close riding, athletic fit with a cut that gives unrestrained freedom of movement. Afterburners feature a gusseted crotch, motion-biased knee construction, and a tapered cuff to keep snow, dirt, rocks, and other debris out of your boots. The cuff is flanked with skid-plates for robust durability. Ergonomically designed pockets keep items from falling out while remaining comfortable. Dual cargo pockets ride the right thigh. Speed vents with bug screens zip upward along your hamstrings to provide active ventilation as you climb. These pants are designed to provide year-round performance. In the spring and summer months, use the Speed Vents to keep your temperatures in balance for all-day hunting. If you get wet from wading or downpours, the material dries very quickly. And as the temperature drops in the fall and winter, add a baselayer of Eberlestock Airbase. You'll be able to take this combo into virtually any conditions for an active, athletic hunt. The Afterburner gives you an elegant, modern design that works above the timberline or on the streets.

Eberlestock Trinity Peak Jacket

Eberlestock Trinity Peak Jacket - At Eberlestock we have this crazy idea that a weather shell should actually keep you dry. Its built for lightweight performance, not gimmicks. And our first emphasis is on two things that matter as much as waterproofing to athletic, active hunters: flexibility and breathability. Four-way stretch fabric with a 40K+ breathability rating and 20K+ waterproofing will keep you dry when it rains -- and will not cause it to rain condensation inside the jacket when you are climbing up a mountain. Now you can stay warm, dry, and comfortable,with a new level of performance from your rain gear. Built with a proprietary membrane and laminate fabrics, this is more than just a jacket.This is technology in clothing. Our membrane is designed to let your skin breathe, but also keeps the wind out. Fully taped seams, storm hood, pit zips, and inner sleeve cuff are just a few of the features that make this weather shell superior. Gone are the days of plastic ponchos and waiting out rain showers under trees. If you’re the type who sees the storm clouds rolling in and rather than looking for cover, marches into them, this is the weather shell for you.

Eberlestock Lucky Ring Logo Cap

Eberlestock Lucky Ring Logo Cap - Eberlestocks iconic "Lucky Ring Logo" on a good looking mesh-back ball cap. Second Eberlestock name embroidery arcs above rear opening. Classic adjustable snap back. One size fits most.

Eberlestock T-Shirt Short Sleeve

Eberlestock T-Shirt Short Sleeve -Eberlestock logo with Skycrane graphic. Operator graphic with Lucky Ring Logo on sleeve or Eberlestock logo with Dragonfly graphic. PRODUCT INFO Color: Field Gray or Charcoal Grey 60% cotton / 40% Polyester Premium fitted shirt Please note: these shirts run small, so we would recommend ordering one size larger than your normal shirt size -- i.e., if you normally wear a medium, order a large!)

Eberlestock F1 Mainframe

Eberlestock F1 Mainframe - Weight: 4 lbs 5 oz Dimensions: 26"h x 11"w Do you want your pack to be ultra light, or ultra capable? Ultra comfortable? Ultra versatile? How about all of the above? The F1 Mainframe represents what is arguably the greatest innovation in modern pack making: with it, we crack the holy grail of a great modular pack system. It will haul any man-portable load with the same alacrity and a lot more comfort (and quiet) than a giant freighter frame. But unlike any other pack system, from this load bearing workhorse you can built a true ultra-light pack simply by adding one of our J2DB Dry Bags. Underlying this fact is the reality that you will have a great deal more capability with you than with any other "lightweight" system. Alternatively, combine it with one of our duffels, dry bags, or zip-on packs to build the style of pack that you need. With dozens of possible combinations, from the Mainframe you can build what the mission of the day calls for, so you can always have the right gear, right when you need it. The modular system works with over 15 Eberlestock add-on accessories the Mainframe can function as a freight pack or a day pack, and transform to a meat hauler within seconds. With our solid NT7 or 1000-denier nylon fabric, depending on your color choice, coupled with our ultra-light Intex ll aluminum frame, the Mainframe shaves off pounds while maintaining superior strength and comfort. Stop settling for "some of the above" and move over to "All of the Above". Eberlestock's new mainframe, an essential part of your next great adventure. PACK FEATURES - Intex ll aluminum frame. - Zippered attachment points compatible with our duffels, drybags, and more. - Full MOLLE webbing matrix covers main panel to attach scabbards, pouches, etc. - Three built in horizontal compression straps for securing your gear. - Adjustable ladder harness system. Makes customizing the fit quick and easy - Lifetime manufacturer's warranty. COMPATIBLE PACKS - Transformer - Little Big Top - Batwing Pouch - Spike Camp Duffel - Super Spike Camp Duffel - J-pack Dry Bag Shipping Weight = 25 lbs. Actual Weight = 4 lbs, 5 oz.

Eberlestock F1T Mainframe

Eberlestock F1T Mainframe - F1T (TALL VERSION) FEATURES Tall version is 3.5" taller than the regular size Designed for those with extra-long torsos or prefer higher load-lifter straps Tall Mainframe is compatible with the same accessories and packs as regular Mainframe PRODUCT INFO Regular Weight: 4 lbs 5 oz Dimensions: 26"h x 11"w Tall Weight: 4 lbs 8 oz Dimensions: 29.5" x 11"w ADD THE FOLLOWING COMPATIBLE PACKS TO YOU ORDER Zip-on Transformer Little Big Top Big Top Batwing Pouch Spike Camp Duffel Super Spike Camp Duffel J-pack Dry Bag Little Brother (when zipped with 2 Batwing Pouches) Hook-on Kite Switchblade

Eberlestock M1 Carrier Frame

Eberlestock M1 Carrier Frame - The M1 Carrier is the most compact base pack in the EMOD - Eberlestock Modular System - and serves as an incredible load bearing system. Designed to be as functional, durable and lightweight as a frame can get, the possibilities with the Carrier are endless. It features laser-cut MOLLE, allowing you all the benefits of standard MOLLE while saving weight, as well as the laser-cut Utility Panel. The Utility Panel attaches to the frame in eight locations using the Hookup System, making it quick and easy to grapple items to the frame. Similar to the F1 Mainframe, the Carrier also features two full length zippers so you can zip compatible packs, duffels, and accessories directly to it. PRODUCT FEATURES Intex tubular aluminum modular frame system Hookup system Zippered attachment points compatible with our duffel's, dry-bags, and more. Full laser-cut MOLLE matrix covers main panel to attach scabbards, pouches, etc. Laser-cut MOLLE Utility panel with eight ladder lock hook attachment points. Adjustable ladder harness system. Makes customizing the fit quick and easy. Lifetime manufacturer's warranty. COMPATIBLE PACKS Kite Switchblade Transformer Little Big Top Big Top Little Brother Batwing Pouch Spike Camp Duffel Super Spike Camp Duffel J-type Dry Bag PRODUCT INFO Weight: 4 lbs 1 oz Dimensions: 23"h x 11"w (*Note: your purchase includes the Carrier Frame with Utility Panel. Other accessories shown in some pictures sold separately).

Eberlestock F2 Transformer 37L Pack

Eberlestock F2 Transformer 37L Pack - Total Volume: 2,300 c.i. Weight: 4 lbs Dimensions: 22"h x 11"w x 7"d The Transformer complements our F1 Mainframe pack. It's a lightweight, versatile pack that can stand alone, or can be piggy-backed on the Mainframe. With a full-featured layout that includes both top and front access, and two full-depth side pockets, the Transformer is made to appeal to those who are looking for Eberlestock quality combined with stripped-down, minimalist weight savings -- while maintaining just enough functionality to stand as a great all-around pack. When using the Transformer as a stand-alone pack, we recommend adding our AGIF "Endo" frame, which attaches to the interior back wall of the pack via small Velcro keeper-straps. You can also add one of our hip-belts, or use the one off of the Mainframe, if you're using the packs as a set. Don't let all of the options confuse you; this is a very straightforward and versatile system with a unique and practical kind of modularity. You can build the pack that best suits your needs, or a system that allows you to pick-and-choose based on the demands of the moment, with each option providing a seamless functionality. Features: - (6) Side compression straps. When combined with the Mainframe pack these straps will compress and hold quarters, duffels, and any other gear you need to carry. -Long side pockets. Big enough to hold 3L hydration systems and spotting scopes. -Front compression straps. Actual Weight = 4 lbs, 4 oz Shipping Weight = 11 lbs

Eberlestock F5 Switchblade Pack

Eberlestock F5 Switchblade Pack - The F5 Switchblade is a great EDC pack that keeps a low profile, while maximizing space and organization. Open the top lid pocket and you will find two magazine pouches, and other small organizing features. The front of the pack features an over sized pocket for quick access to your important items. On each side is a pair drawstring cup holder pockets, as well as a side zip pocket, big enough for a spotting scope, small tripod, or other long items. Inside you will find a document divider for an iPad, laptop, other electronics or even a short-barreled rifle. EMOD Compatible: order ACH Hookup Kit to attach pack to F1 or M1 frame systems. PRODUCT FEATURES Rare-earth magnetic openings allow quick access to handgun concealed carry pouches from either side of the pack. Loop-velcro PALS webbing inside allows you to rack either MOLLE- or velcro-backed accessories. Interior pockets for hydration bladder, mags, small item organizers, and more. Detachable harness. New MOLLE-10 webbing offers the ability to carry standard 3-row MOLLE accessories, with a 60% weight savings over standard 25mm MOLLE matrixes. New patent pending weapon-stowage features: Ambidextrous concealed holster suitable for most handguns, including full-frame automatics. Hipbelt compatible. PRODUCT INFO Total Volume: 1720 c.i. Weight: 3 lbs 10 oz Dimensions main bag: 20"h x 12"w x 8"d

Eberlestock F65 Little Big Top Pack

Eberlestock F65 Little Big Top - Compressed Volume: 2,300 c.i. Total (Expanded) Volume: 3,800 c.i. Weight: 5 lbs 3 oz Weight w/o harness and hip belt: 3 lbs 12 oz Dimensions main bag: 24"h x 12"w x 7"d The F65 Little Big Top pack is an outstanding mountaineering style / military quality pack. With robust features and a focus on maximum performance and a mid-sized volume paired with minimal weight, the F65 fits roughly in the category of our V69. Its exceptional lightness makes it can excellent pairing for the F1 Mainframe. You can remove the harness and hipbelt from the F65, which makes it into the perfect cargo vessel for the F1. The Little Big Top features dry-bag style roll-tops, a big frontal opening, and lightweight but extremely tough construction. Features: - Expandable roll top entry - Front and side compression straps. When combined with the Mainframe pack these straps will compress and hold quarters, duffels, and any other gear you need to carry. - Vertically adjustable harness system. Fits most torso lengths and customizable frame contour. - MOLLE-10 matrixes hold traditional MOLLE accessories while weighing 60% less than standard 25mm MOLLE arrays. - Easy to attach guns to the side of the pack, butt in bottom pocket and held to pack with compression/grapple straps. -Gossamer frame system. Weight:5.2 lbs / shipping weight: 21 lbs

Eberlestock F7 Kite

Eberlestock F7 Kite - The F7 Kite is a pack like no other. It's an outstanding stand-alone ultralight pack, or can be combined with our F1 Mainframe and M1 Carrier Frame systems. Designed for the minimalist, the capacity-to-weight ratio of this pack is best-in-class. A part of our EMOD system, the F7 uses ACH Hookup Kits to connect with either the Carrier or Mainframe, resulting in the ultimate lightweight modular expandable pack system. The F7 includes harness, hip belt and the Gossamer frame, all of which can be removed to when pairing the pack with one of the EMOD frame systems. FEATURES Roll Top design for top loading access Full frontal zipper for front loading access Interior sleeves for dual hydration bladders Vertically adjustable shoulder harness system. Fits most torso lengths. Detachable harness and hip belt for attachment to frame systems New MOLLE-10 webbing offers the ability to carry standard 3-row MOLLE accessories, with a 60% weight savings over standard 25mm MOLLE matrixes. Waterproof zippers and roll top for peak water resistance. Constructed of Aramid fabric to be extremely lightweight and durable. PRODUCT INFO Compressed Volume: 2200 c.i. Total (Expanded) Volume: 3000 c.i. Weight: 4 lbs 6 oz Weight w/o harness and hip belt: 3 lbs Dimensions main bag: 25”h x 12”w x 8”d

Eberlestock G1 Little Brother Pack

Eberlestock G1 Little Brother Pack - The Little Brother pack is a handy, stand-alone pack that's sold as part of our J79 Skycrane II system, and made to compliment our J51 Warhammer packs. Similar in concept to our H1 Mini Me, the G1 features an expansion sleeve that allows you to insert any of our side scabbards. With our A4SS Tactical Weapon Carrier installed, the pack functions much like our G3M Phantom (scabbards sold separately). The idea for this pack derives from our customers who wanted to carry large weapons with a minimalist pack. Features both top-loading and full-front panel loading. MOLLE/PALS webbing fills all useful spaces inside and out. Two hydration sleeves on interior back wall sized for our WXP3L 3-liter hydration. Radio rack on back wall for PRC-117 class military radios. The pack comes with a harness. You can add our HBSS Hipbelt if you want a supportive pack belt. We offer two frame systems to add structure to this otherwise un-structured pack: First, our innovative Endo pack frame slides into the pack's main load bay, adding both vertical and lateral structure without compromising comfort or the pack's quiet ride. The Endo doesn't interfere with the pack's ability to carry a scabbard in the tunnel; but if you're not planning to carry a scabbard, then our Gossamer frame (AG2S Gossamer Short frame) fits into the scabbard tunnel when it's zipped closed. Either option provides a simple and effective way to convert the G1 into a compact, structured internal frame pack. Volume: Approx. 1800 cubic inches. --Please note: This pack is not intended to be used as a heavy meat hauler.-- Adding the AGIF Endo Frame will add extra support allowing for heavier loads. Actual Weight = 4 lbs

Eberlestock H2 Gunrunner 23L Pack

Eberlestock H2 Gunrunner 23L Pack - Pack Volume: 1,000 c.i. Scabbard Volume: 400 c.i. Total Volume: 1,400 c.i. Weight: 3 lbs 8 oz Dimensions main bag: 18"h x 9.5"w x 7.5"d Scabbard dimensions: 34"L x 7"W x 3"D, with a 20" circumference opening The H2 Gunrunner is a minimalist, lightweight rifle pack, designed for hands-free hunting, quick access to your rifle, and just the right amount of stowage for your personal gear. The top compartment is a good size for range finders, calls, etc., and the main compartment is sized for a day-outing's worth of food and clothing. It is hydration compatible (hydration sold separately). The pack has crossed vertical and horizontal compression straps, which give you just enough function to grapple things to the pack, and a stowable waist belt for stabilizing the load when you're moving fast. Side webbing is configured to mate with our A3SB Saddle Bag, which allows you to increase the capacity of the pack by adding up to two of these 3-liter pockets. Please note: This pack is not intended to be used as a meat hauler. *When storing your pack, either lay it flat or hang. Never fold in half: this will cause the frame sheet to bend which will not be covered under warranty. Volume: 1400 cubic inches Actual Weight: 3 lbs 8 oz. Shipping Dimensional Weight = 8 lbs

Eberlestock J34 Just One 38-76L Pack

Eberlestock J34 Just One 38-76L Pack - Eberlestock J34 Just One 38-76L features streamlined shape, vertically adjustable torso length, waterproof zippers, a high-visibility interior (no more groping for a black flashlight in a black compartment), deep "3D" ventilated padding, scabbard drainage and cleanout access.

Eberlestock H1 Mini Me Hydration Pack

Eberlestock H1 Mini Me Hydration Pack - Total Volume: 400 c.i. Total Volume w/birdbag: 900 c.i. Weight: 3 lbs 8 oz Dimensions main bag: 19"h x 8"w x 3"d The Mini-Me is a hydration pack and more; this little baby could rightly be called the "Transformer." It has an expansion system that at first glance looks conventional. Start un-zipping its wrap-around zipper and you get more space for something long. But when you keep going, you realize that you've opened up a tunnel for the insertion of one of our gun scabbards. Slide one in, and you've got a rig that'll make carrying your gun as close to carrying a biathlon rifle as you can get without getting the real thing. Includes a premium 3-liter (100 oz) hydration bladder, a pull-out hip belt, and a secret compartment with a deployable Bird Bag inside. Recommended scabbard accessories are A1SS, A2SS, or A2LS, depending on the size of your gun. Thinking about this for hunting, but you're not a gun hunter? The Mini-Me is a great bowhunter's pack -- add our ARCG ButtBucket kit, and it becomes a super compact bow pack. Rigged correctly, the bow rides very stably, and you can get it off your back with on-the-fly access. Other features include full-depth pockets for spotting scope or tripod, an organizer pocket, grapple compression strap, and more. Side Scabbards and ButtBuckets are sold separately (the pack is a terrific small-scale pack without them, for general field use). Actual weight = 3.5 lbs. Shipping Dimensional weight = 8.0 lbs

Eberlestock H7 Dagger Hydration Pack

Eberlestock H7 Dagger Hydration Pack - Total Volume: 340 c.i. Weight: 1 lbs 14 oz Dimensions main bag: 17"h x 6.5"w x 5"d The H7 Dagger, at 340 c.i. and only 1 lb, 14 oz, is a lightweight, high-speed pack that can be used solo or rigged to the MOLLE webbing on most of our packs (creating a pull-off piggy-back hydration system). On its own, it has the ability to attach any of our scabbards and features a clean, low profile design. This pack creates an ideal minimalist solution for simple hydration, or for hands-free rifle carry. Our Padlock/MOLLE type webbing and tether straps allow you to attach a range of accessories. -The H7- Dagger comes standard with a 2 Liter Source Tactical hydration bladder. With its "glass like™" lining and durable shell these bladders are tough as nails and easy to use. Actual Weight = 1 lb, 14 oz. Shipping Weight = 9 lb.

Eberlestock M5 Team Elk Pack

Eberlestock M5 Team Elk Pack - Pack Volume: 2,600 c.i. Scabbard Volume: 500 c.i. Total Volume: 3,100 c.i. Weight: 6 lbs 8 oz Dimensions main bag: 23"h x 11"w x 9.5"d Scabbard Dimensions: 34"L x 10"W x 2"D, with a 24" circumference opening The Team Elk pack is one of the best all-around hunting packs ever created. With a unique set of best-in-class features, including fold-away rifle scabbard, built-in bow carrier, Intex tubular aluminum frame, dual full-depth spotting scope and hydration pockets, grapple-compression straps, and more! And for the first time, we've added zip-and-flip covers to the scabbard and bow carrier, so that when not carrying a gun or bow, they serve as additional pockets. At 3100 cubic inches (51 liters), the Team Elk pack hits the sweet spot in hunting pack size. It serves well as a day pack but is also great for shorter multi-day trips, and is a great game hauler. Has both front-loading and top-loading access. Designed to appeal to all hunters and popular all over the world, a significant part of the profits from this pack are donated to the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation. Shipping dimensional weight = 21 lbs. Actual weight = 6.8 lbs.

Eberlestock J51M Warhammer Pack

Eberlestock J51M Warhammer Pack - We first built the J51 Warhammer around the ALICE frame, a tried and true pack frame. Using the frame as a core structure, we developed an entirely new style of pack that has amazing utility and versatility. It takes advantage of the ALICE's compact size, and incorporates features and qualities that have made Eberlestock packs famous. Now, after proving the concept, we've replaced the ALICE frame with Eberlestock's innovative Intex-II frame, and have thereby gained the benefits of better body contour fitting ergonomics, closer-to-body load carriage, a bottom cargo shelf, and a whopping 1.3 lbs of weight removed from the pack. The latter stems from the fact that the ALICE was a frame for a more primitive design, and had far more metal that the Warhammer's internal-frame style requires; the Intex II provides just as much stability and load bearing strength, in a much more intelligently designed package. Because the frame is fully wrapped in the structure of the pack, more along the lines of an internal frame than an external frame, we've eliminated frame noise, and built an exceptionally comfortable and well ventilated pack. The Warhammer is an off-shoot of our popular J79 Skycrane II, but has more generous side/main butterfly compartments, so in effect the Warhammer has more stand-alone capacity. However, the products are very similar in function, and use many of the same components. The Skycrane II system includes the G1 and LP1 packs, which can be purchased separately when building a J51-based pack. By itself, the J51 is a great stand-alone pack, with ample 3-day-class storage and two pockets sized for 70 oz/ 2-liter hydration bladders (sold separately). It doesn't need any other components, depending on your personal preference. But you can do some great things by mixing and matching accessories and other bags to expand the system. In effect, you can build any pack you might conceivably need by pairing the J51 with some of our other products. To get a super-organized front-loading pack, you can zip a G1 Little Brother into the J51's load bay. Or for simpler bulk storage, choose a J2SD or J3SD Spike Duffel... or a combination of any two of these; you can attach two duffels at the same time, or you can embed the G1 pack into the interior of the pack by zipping a duffel outboard of it. Then, you can attach the LP1 FannyTop Go-bag to the J51's top panel. These practical options in a relatively lightweight and extremely efficient system make this a fun, versatile, and highly effective backpack. Note, for adding hydration, we recommend installation in either the LP1 or G1 packs, or the A3SB Saddle Bags. To finish off your pack system, you can add any of our weapons carriers. Our scabbards will attach to the generous MOLLE/PALS type webbing that adorns the load bay, and panels zip away from the top and bottom flaps in order to allow for the protrusion of long guns. 1000 denier nylon exterior Please Note: because the J51's Intex II is made to fit the footprint of the ALICE frame, it's wider than our other styles, and it is not interchangeable with the AG2 Gossamer frames. Actual Weight = 7.2 lbs. Total Volume: 2,050 c.i. Weight: 8 lbs 8 oz Dimensions main bag: 21"h x 12"w x 7"d

Eberlestock J79 Skycrane II Pack

Eberlestock J79 Skycrane II Pack - The J79 Skycrane II is a modular load bearing system consisting of three primary bags: the basic J79 pack, the pull-out G1 "Little Brother" pack, and a removable fanny/courier pack. The A4SS Tactical Weapon carrier, our other Side Scabbards, and a variety of components can be added to make a seamless pack system that can be selectively configured and optimized to a variety of missions. The basic J79 pack has a fully adjustable, robust internal aluminum/plastic frame system which can be optimized for direct-to-back carry or over-armor carry. The J79 is a scalable pack system, built around a modular 2300 cubic inch internal frame pack that employs our patented Cam Expansion system. Its unique design allows it to perform exceptionally well in a variety of configurations. It is reducible all the way down to a fanny pack, and scalable all the way up to a full-scale 8475 cubic inch freighter that can tackle anything from an M4 to the M107 Barrett to a boat motor. The system has a variety of gear compartments and storage spaces that are designed for flexibility, ease of operation, and accessibility. Please note: The basic pack system includes the J79 outer pack, the G1 Little Brother pack, and the removable Fanny. Scabbards, hydration systems, duffels, and other accessories are all sold separately. Actual weight = 11.8 lbs.

Eberlestock R1 Bang-Bang Range Bag

Eberlestock R1 Bang-Bang Range Bag Features: - Large central compartment with a fully customizable interior compartment ensures a perfect fit for all your gear. -Side carry pockets equipped with mag pouches. Great for ammo boxes and small item storage. -1000d fabric construction coupled with a Polycarbonate base that will shield your pack from rocks, debris, and range dust.

Eberlestock R3 UpRanger

Eberlestock R3 UpRanger - New Upranger 3-gun competitive shooting pack and all-around range bag. Shown with the ERM and ESM rifle / shotgun case attachments; you can take all of your guns and gear to the range, with "all your stuff in one sock." This bag is designed to work the way we work on the shooting range. Carry it around on your back, swing it to the ground face-down, and get directly into its configurable padded-interior compartment, from the harness side of the pack. Actual Weight: 7.1lbs Shipping weight: 22 lbs

Eberlestock S25 Cherry Bomb Pack

Eberlestock S25 Cherry Bomb - Total Volume: 820 c.i. Weight: 4 lbs 8 oz Dimensions main bag: 24.5"h x 11"w x 5"d The smaller S25 Cherry Bomb, shown above, has two main compartments, plus an outside pocket under the coffin-logo panel. -- In the first "public" compartment, you'll find translucent slip-pockets suitable for iphones, with a double pen slot between them, a semi-rigid document / laptop sleeve (which alternates as a hydration bladder stowage pocket, as shown above), opposing rows of MOLLE/PALS type webbing, and a mesh pocket inside the front door. -- In the second, "private" compartment, you'll find another sleeve suitable for a laptop, plus the main weapon stowage compartment. This is sized for a 7" barreled M4 or similar proportioned weapon (Primary Weapons Systems Diablo shown above). The pack measures 24.5" x 11", and this pocket uses the full dimensions. Also here, you'll find a nice organizer assembly, with two padded magazine / iphone / compact camera compartments, pen sleeves, a zippered pocket, a tuck-pocket, and a key-keeper hook. -- The pack includes a rain cover stowed in a pocket in the bottom. -- Removable waistbelt has two zippered pockets (although our favorite way to use this pack is executive-style, with the waistbelt removed). Actual Weight = 4.5 lbs. Shipping Dimensional Weight = 11 lbs.

Eberlestock S27 Little Trick Pack

Eberlestock S27 Little Trick - Total Volume: 1,140 c.i. Weight: 3 lbs 9 oz Dimensions main bag: 19"h x 12"w x 7"d Introducing our Tricks: great looking everyday-carry packs with some hidden attributes that you expect from Eberlestock. More than just packs, these are innovative concealed weapons packs, with a quick-access built-in pistol holster as well as the ability to carry various carbines or long-guns. The zip away top allows full-frontal and top access to the main compartment; pull the zippers to quickly unveil a carbine or folded rifle. As a handy alternative, the scabbard and adjacent full-width pocket double as excellent stowage sleeves for laptops and documents. The Little Trick has a full-featured organizer array in the top pocket and an intuitive, easy-access layout. Expandable bottom increases volume and lengthens the scabbard, allowing you to customize the pack for load size and weapon length.
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