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Buck Expert Crow Call - 168

Great sounds with minimum blowing efforts. Easy to use.

Buck Expert Fox Call 174DA

Calls any predators with the sound of a rabbit in distress.

Buck Expert Combination 3-in-1 Predator Call 74F-T

This call has three different reeds and represents a highly versatile instrument.

Buck Expert Fox Call - Fox and Rabbit in distress 74R

With this call you can reproduce fox locater calls, female fox-in-heat, fox pups-in-distress, rabbit-in-distress and fawn-in-distress.

Buck Expert Predator Mouse Call - 74S

This extra-compact call imitates perfectly the mouse squeak.

Buck Expert Wild Boar Call - 62

Versatile & easy to use, it is a must for all hunters. This call reproduce realistic boar, sow or piglet sounds.

Mick Lacy Wild Boar Call - ML62

Versatile Wild Boar Call. Young Boar, Piglet call.
(7 items) 1 page
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