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24cm Cast Iron Square Frypan

This Square frypan comes pre-seasoned and ready to go. Featuring a wooden handle to protect from the heat. Perfect for camping!! L: 24cm W: 2.4kg

Lid Lifters

Perfect for use with camp oven and pots over the fire.. - Suits most camp ovens - Coated heavy gauge steel Available in Large and medium.

Jaffle Irons

Make the perfect toasted sandwiches next time you go camping! This jaffle iron comes pre-seasoned and ready to use. The wooden handles are removable for easy storage.

Round Frypan

A pre-seasoned round frypan with a wooden handle. - 25cm

Saucepan - Cast Iron

A hard wearing, long lasting frypan a must have when camping. - Pre-seasoned - Wooden handle - Folding handle - 3 quart


This handy little skillet is perfect for cooking over the campfire.. It comes preseasoned and ready to use. It is designed with an extra long handle and deep sides that allow for many uses. -Pre-seasoned ready to use -Perfect for cooking over a campfire -Designed with extra long handle and assist handle for ease of use -Deep sides allow for many uses

Flat Plate and Grill Cookers

Perfect for cooking over the campfire, this cooking plate/grill has fold down legs for easy storage.

Folding Flat Plate Grill Cooker

As the name suggests, these cookers fold completely flat for storage. Just pop it in the carry bag (included) and your ready to go!

Campfire Vacuum Sealer

A simple 3 step vacuum seal for hygienic, fresher & healthier food. Ideal storage solutions for the fridge, freezer and pantry!

Pre-cut Vacuum Sealer Bags

No more messing around cutting out the right size from the roll.. These bags are already cut and ready to use!

Vacuum Sealer Roll

Cant find the right size bag? Make custom-sized bags for the Campfire Vacuum Sealer..

Extension Fork

-Chrome Steel -2 prong

Hamburger Basket

Make hamburgers over the campfire with this nifty little tool!

Plastic Egg Carriers

No more broken eggs when camping!! Each egg compartment has been designed to cushion and won't crush the eggs when closed.

Pot Holder

Ideal for handling hot pots and dishes

Cast Iron Camp Oven

Theres nothing like cooking on the campfire.. With this pre-seasoned camp Oven, cooking is easy. Prepare your food, and sit back and watch it cook. A pre-seasoned cast iron camp oven. Available in 3 sizes.

Steamer Rack

Perfect for steaming in a camp oven or pot.

Non Stick Griddle

Heavy duty aluminium Fits most 2 & 3 burner gas stoves Lightweight & easy to clean For outdoor & indoor use


Enjoy perfectly smoky food with these smokers. Great for camping.

Billys and Tea Pots



(21 items) 1 page
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