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Parker-Hale Shotgun Cleaning Kit - S04

Boxed set of two piece deluxe rod, phosphor bronze brush, wool mop & nylon jag. Also includes yellow duster and Bisley Gun Oil.

Parker-Hale Shotgun Cleaning Kit - PHRW2

Display pouch with 2 piece deluxe rod, bronze brush, mop & jag.

Birchwood Casey Handgun Range Kit 9 rod and 4 bronze brushes


Birchwood Casey Stainless Firearm Cleaning Kit

BIRCHWOOD CASEY STAINLESS FIREARM CLEANING KIT A clean firearm is a safe and accurate one. Keep your valuable equipment functioning at peak performance with Birchwood Casey's Universal Gun Cleaning Kits made for rifles, pistols and shotguns. Made with pride in the USA; these kits feature a cleaning rod handle that allows you to choose between swivel or fixed action cleaning. Combine that with premium components and the result is a top quality cleaning kit that is both durable and innovative. Check out the shotgun, rifle and handgun kit contents in the table below.

Tikka Cleaning Kit


Hunt-Pro Universal Cleaning Kit

HUNT-PRO UNIVERSAL CLEANING KIT 23-piece Universal cleaning kit for .177cal to 12 Gauge. Comes with Jags, Mops and Brushes. 4mm Brass and 5mm Stainless rods. Bore Flex 12 Gauge pull through cleaner. Scrubbing brushes, celaning patches, muzzle guards and adaptors for shotgun cleaning tools.

ATA Cleaning Kits

A new range of cleaning equipment for the Austraian market.

Hoppes Shotgun Cleaning Kit - SGOUB

12, 18, 20, 28 & 410 Gauge

Hoppes Rifle Cleaning Kit - U243B

.243 - .257 (6-6.5mm) Calibre

Birchwood Casey Bore Guide Kit


Birchwood Casey Shotgun Cleaning Kit with brushes and tips


Birchwood Casey Rifle Cleaning Kit with brushes and tips

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