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  • Your price: $259.00
    Eberlestock H1HP H1 Mini Me 6-9L Hydration Pack - Mini-Me. Don't ask why we named it that; we were just having a little fun. But like its Hollywood namesake, the thing that makes this pack unique is that it has all of the hallmarks of its larger brethren, distilled into a tight little unit. It's a pack whose looks will deceive you.
  • Your price: $79.95
    Eberlestock WXP3L Source Hydration - Our backpacks are ready to accommodate our top-of-the-line hydration systems. You'll find that they have dedicated bladder pockets, louvered tube portals, and tube-friendly harnesses. We think this is the ultimate hydration bladder system. 100oz/3 Litre.
  • Your price: $225.00
    Eberlestock H3HP H3 Sawed-Off 14L Hydration Pack - The H3 Sawed-Off will now accompany the H1 Mini-Me and H7 Dagger, combining hydration and weapons carrying to create a complete family of hydration packs perfect for lightweight field use and superior functionality.
  • Your price: $320.00
    Eberlestock H2HK H2 Gunrunner 23L Pack - The H2 Gunrunner is a minimalist, lightweight rifle pack that's designed for hands-free hunting and quick access to your rifle.
  • Your price: $359.00
    Eberlestock X2 30L Pack features include a tough, lightweight tubular aluminium frame, generous pockets on the pads on the waist belt, and big spotting scope-sized main side pockets.
  • Your price: $399.00
    Eberlestock X1EHT X1Europe 33L Pack - The X1E was developed for the European market, where our customers are primarily gun hunters. The X1A1 has been extremely popular in Scandinavia, and we've been asked for a refined rifle hunter's version... which sounded like a good idea, so we made it!
  • Your price: $299.00
    Eberlestock F1HP F1 Mainframe Pack - Do you want your pack to be ultra light, or ultra comfortable? Ultra capable? Ultra versatile? How about all of the above?
  • Your price: $339.00
    Eberlestock F2HP F2 Transformer 37L Pack - The Transformer complements our F1 Mainframe pack. It's a lightweight, versatile pack that can stand alone, or can be piggy-backed on the Mainframe.
  • Your price: $595.00
    Eberlestock J34 Just One 38-76L features streamlined shape, vertically adjustable torso length, waterproof zippers, a high-visibility interior (no more groping for a black flashlight in a black compartment), deep "3D" ventilated padding, scabbard drainage and cleanout access.
  • Your price: $229.00
    Eberlestock A2CPHP Nosegunner Pack - Eberlestock customers have been asking us for this for a long time, and its time has come! Not only is the Nosegunner a great binocular or camera chest-pack.
  • Your price: $549.00
    Eberlestock E2B Sniper Sled - Here we give you our interpretation of the classic drag bag. If you want to carry a rifle and gear at the same time, our rifle packs are pretty hard to beat.
  • Your price: $695.00
    Eberlestock V69HK Destroyer 77L Pack - We hereby enter the world of "conventional" packs with some unconventional backpacks. Please understand, they're only unconventional in the sense that they're nicer, and more fully detailed than other packs in this class.
  • Your price: $30.00
    Eberlestock A1BCHP Mini Pouch - This nifty little pouch is great for carrying small, relatively flat items. This will carry 10 rounds of .30 cal ammunition, and is also perfect for items like diaphragms for mouth calls, compact compasses, etc.
  • Your price: $69.95
    Ebelestock A2SP Large Padded Pouch - This deluxe lightweight padded case is specially designed to integrate with our products. They are hooked on to our packs with the Padlock system, or can be slung onto a sternum strap. These are not ordinary accessory pouches. As you would expect from Eberlestock, these are high-quality, finely built cases designed to protect valuable equipment.
  • Your price: $109.00
    Eberlestock A2SSHP Scoped Rifle Scabbard - Side Scabbard for a scoped hunting rifle, recommended for use with our JP9 Blue Widow pack. Will also work with our X2 and other packs with external Padlock (PALS/MOLLE compatible) webbing.
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