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Ultimate Boat Maintenance

Maintain your boat with this book from Scott Smith.

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Boat owners, perhaps more so than other motoring enthusiasts, want to spend their time playing, not maintaining, their toys. Unfortunately, due to their higher exposure to damaging elements, their longer periods of non-use, and the remote locations to which they transport their users, it could be argued that boats also require more care than cars or motorcycles. This guide breaks down by system the routine maintenance procedures every boat owner should know, presenting in more digestible chunks the upkeep of any modern boat, whether it's 16 or 60 feet, inboard or outboard, open-hulled or cabin-equipped. Much of the information included is even applicable to sailboats, as well as runabouts and cabin cruisers. - A one-stop, all-color resource for owners of a variety of modern fiberglass and metal-hulled boats- All color, unlike most books on subject- Can be published in time for Spring 2004 pre-boating season release

About the Author - Scott Smith is a boating enthusiast, private pilot, and author of MBI's How to Buy a Single-Engine Airplane. He lives in Ankeny, Iowa.Scott Sky Smith grew up in a family-owned drydock marina that sold and manufactured boats. He has a bachelor of science degree in industrial arts from Iowa State University. Mr. Smith has been educating consumers as a columnist and a public speaker for years and is the author of How to Buy Single Engine Airplane, published by MBI Publishing. His work has appeared in numerous publications, including the Ankeny Press Citizen, Welcome Home Magazine, The Des Moines Register, Private Pilot, Custom Planes, Cessna Owners Magazine, Piper Owners Magazine, US Aviator, Sport Aerobatics, and Aero Trader.
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