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The life and times of Dave Saxton - Soldier - Hunter - Fisherman - Miner - Movie Star - Helicopter Pilot - Chain Gang Member - LEGEND.

NZ Fishing Guide Book

Covering the whole of New Zealand from North Cape to Stewart Island. Boat fishing, surfcasting, freshwater fishing, diving and gamefishing. Over 2,000 fishing spots.

Australian Fish Guide

This book is an invaluable reference for any angler, freshwater or saltwater, wanting to identify their catch.

NZ Freshwater Guide Book

SpotX Freshwater Fishing is a first of it's kind showing detailed topographical maps and information on hundreds of rivers and lakes that make up the rich tapestry of New Zealand's wonderful landscape.

Geoff Wilsons Complete Book of Fishing Knots and Rigs

In this latest and fully revised edition of Geoff Wilson's Complete Book of Fishing Knots and Rigs more than a dozen new knots have been included to make this book the most comprehensive fishing knot technical manual available today.

Sea Fishes of Southern Australia

The complete ID book for sea fish in southern Australia.

North Australian Fish Finder

The FISH FINDER book tells you where rockbars, launch sites and fishing holes are. This book includes the remote NT, Cape York, Pilbara and Kimberley and now covers as far south as Eden, NSW, and Greenough, WA. The gloss-colour pages include loads of GPS and other useful data.

Anglers Journal Almanac

Features:- Solar and Lunar Fishing Charts to find the peak times when fish are feeding. These charts are the best available, devised and tuned for Australia and local conditions. They will give the avid angler a definite advantage over their targeted fish

Beach and Rock Fishing

Beach and Rock Fishing has everything you need to improve your skills, whether you are a complete novice or have fished our coastline for years.

Bluewater Fishing

This fully revised and updated Bluewater Fishing is a must-have book for all keen bluewater anglers, whether just starting out in this exciting sport or for anglers with years of experience.

Complete Book of Fishing, Baits and Rigs

The most comprehensive book on fishing baits and rigs yet produced - from the largest fishing publisher in Australia.

Baits, Rigs and Lures For Victorian Fishing

Paul Worsteling's Baits, Rigs and Lures for Victorian fishing is a comprehensive round up of Victoria's top 15 species.

Fishing Guide to Victorias Coastline

Expert tips cover the whole coast in detail and when combined with the detailed maps of specific fishing areas, give the reader all the information required to have a great day's fishing

Classic Fishing Lures

Covering the collectible lures of the six most popular lure manufacturers in North America - Heddon, South Bend, Paw Paw, Pflueger, Creek Chub and Shakespeare, this full-color book is the most comprehensive identification and price guide available!
(14 items) 1 page
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