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  • Burke and Wills - Bivvy Swag

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    Product details

    Bivvy(Australian Made)

    The bivvy bag is ideal for campers wanting a lightweight, compact and waterproof shelter. Weighing just on 1 Kg and when packed condensing to a football in size, an ideal option for camping or hiking. Made from a multi layered, breathable, waterproof membrane fabric, which is light and durable.

    With extra length and width, combined with a 3-piece lightweight aluminium pole, this bivvy bag is as comfortable as it is practical.


    - No mattress supplied

    - No.5 Coil Heavy duty zipper

    - Completely Tape Sealed

    - Fly wire built in at the head section.

    - 3 piece aircraft strength aluminium poles

    - Packs to the size of a football

    - Weighs 1kg

    - Comes with Emphatex carry bag

    Construction: Lightweight Empahtex 3 layer waterproof fabric

    Colours:Auscam Camouflage

    Swag Dimensions:

    Size Length Width Height

    Single 2400mm 800mm 450mm

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