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  • Burke and Wills - The Ute Beaut Swag

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    Product details

    Ute Beaut(Australian Made)

    The Ute Beaut Swag is especially designed for use in a ute. With it’s great width (1100mm wide), it fits in between the wheel arches of most utes. The Ute-Beaut also comes standard with ultra-fine sand-fly mesh, making it the ideal swag to take out into the bush. Just unclip the straps, roll it out in the back of your ute and off you go.


    - No.10 Coil Heavy duty zips

    - Extra height and foot space

    - Extra wide canvas top flap

    - Foam mattress with removable full cover

    - Adjustable shoulder strap

    - Three eyelets on top flap to allow for any tie up

    - Available in Canvas or PVC Base

    Construction: 15oz. Ripstop canvas waterproofed and rotproofed

    Colours:Forest Green

    Swag Dimensions:

    Size Length Width Height

    Single 2150mm 1100mm -

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