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HORIZONE AIR BOURNE - Deluxe Compound Bow


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New for 2018 comes the Horizone AIR BOURNE deluxe compound bow with new design lightweight magnesium riser.

Advanced quad limbs with full adjustable high speed cams giving fast flat trajectory arrow speed of 315 IBO.

The Air Bourne is supplied in the best optioned kit for hunters and club shooters. Compact size and easy to shoot with low vibration.

The bow is suitable for all game hunting in Australia. Available in RH.

Package Includes: Bow, 5-Pin Fiberoptic Sight, Brush Rest, Self-Align Peep Sight, D-Loop, Deluxe Bow Quiver, Deluxe Camo Stabilizer, Wrist Sling, String Silencers, Limb Silencers, String Stopper, 5 x Camo Carbon Arrows, Padded Bag, Caliper Release Aid.

Draw Weight: 40-70 lbs.
Draw Length: 17-30 Inch
Brace Height: 7 Inch
Axle-Axle: 31 Inch
Speed: 315 IBO f.p.s
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