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  • NZ Hunting Adventures Volume 1

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    Join AJ Productions on an adventure, hunting free range for the mighty Himalayan Thar in the breathtaking alpine region of the Southern Alps.

    Enjoy the splendour of the surrounding mountains and watch the shooting of Trophy Bull Thar.

    Then we will head north, hunting for the majestic Sika around their stronghold in the central plateau, The Kaimanawa Ranges.Watch Sika Stags walking up to the hunters during the roar. View Unique footage of the Sika Being filmed with the aid of Wise eye video camera systems. Watch as trophy Sika walk to within metres of a unit and pose for the camera, plus never before seen footage of Sika Stags wallowing and more.

    DVD playtime: 1hr 40 mins.

    DVD region: Zone 4

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  • Your price: $35.00
    This DVD is solely about Sika deer. Sika would undoubtedly be one of our top hunted game animals prized by many hunters. The DVD includes numerous hunting tips and information. Amazing footage of sika filmed with hidden cameras.

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