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Team Daiwa Tierra Fishing Reel

Daiwa’s Digigear and rigid aluminium body give TD Tierra an exceptionally smooth yet powerful feel.

Daiwa Exceler DA Fishing Reel

The Exceler DA is the number one choice for anglers who demand world leading performance without the high price tag.

Daiwa Luvias DA Fishing Reel

Lightness beyond your imagination, strength beyond comprehension, completely corrosion resistant.

Daiwa Freams Fishing Reel

The new Freams is simply an instrument to fish, it overflows with innovations and signifies the future of the modern spinning reel.

Daiwa Arid Fishing Reel

Built on a solid corrosion resistant graphite frame and side plate, Aird uses many of our innovations like Digigear, ABS, Airbail and Twistbuster in the Aird to deliver class leading performance without breaking the bank balance.

Daiwa Regal 5i Fishing Reel

The Daiwa Regal 5i is incredible value for money.

Daiwa Royalcast 80 Fishing Reel

Perfect for kids and beginners, the Royalcast is also available as matched pre-mounted combos.

Daiwa Arid 2000SH Fishing Reel

Aird is unique amongst Daiwa reels as each comes with an alternative sized spool so you can expand your fishing horizons with optional line weights.

Daiwa Legalis Fishing Reel

Built on a solid one-piece aluminum frame and sideplate, the Daiwa Legalis fishing reel exhibits incredible strength and lightweight power.

Daiwa Cross Fire Fishing Reel

The new compact shape and larger ABS spool gives the Crossfire X a stocky appearance.

Daiwa SweepFire 2500x Fishing Reel

Now packing the latest reel innovations into our most budget conscious reel series, the new Sweepfire X is the perfect beginner’s reel making it one of the most affordable reels ever.
(11 items) 1 page
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