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Quaker Boy - Easy Chuckle Duck Call

The feeding chuckle is a great call to coax working birds in those last few yards. Chuckling on a duck call for many is the most difficult sound to reproduce. We have developed the Easy Chuckle duck call so that imitating a chuckling duck is as easy as a shake of your wrist.

Product details

Instructions: Hold your Easy Chuckle duck call on the plastic end between your thumb and index finger of either hand. HOld it at the very end of the plastic piece in order to maximize your shaking ability. Simply turn your wrist from side to side to imitate a chuckling duck. When a duck is feed chuckling, they often put their beaks in and out of the water, creating a muffled sound. To make your Easy Chuckle sound like the real thing, cup your middle, ring and pinky fingers over the end of the call randomly while shakingit to create that muffled sound.
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