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Eberlestock F1 Tall Mainframe


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The primary base platform for the EMOD™ system with a constantly growing number of accessories. Build it up to be a multi-day expedition pack, or go in light so you can come out heavy.

Tested to hold more than 1300 lbs., this ultra-rugged frame utilizes top of the line zippers to allow the attachment of a variety of packs and accessories to fit any backcountry hunt. The Mainframe™ is fully adjustable and completely user configurable with endless combinations.


Use the Vapor 2500 or 5000 for any length adventure with ultra-light considerations.
Use 2 Batwings when you plan to go in light and come out heavy. Stay quick, light, and mobile with the Batwings. They are intuitive and make packing out meat simple.

Pair with the Super Spike Duffel or Dry Bag with Batwings for a 2-4 day hunt. Pack all of your gear into the backcountry and when you reach camp and drop your gear, unzip the duffel or dry bag and hunt in your ultralight Batwing setup.
If you like the organization and function of a backpack, the new Vapor 5000 is the ideal choice for a 2-5 day trip. Allows for top-loading or front-loading access and use the Mainframe when it is time for some heavy lifting.
Weight: 4 lbs 8 oz
Dimensions: 29.5" x 11"w
Tall version is 3.5" taller than the regular size
Designed for those with torso lengths measuring 19 inches or longer
Tall Mainframe is compatible with the same accessories and packs as regular Mainframe

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Eberlestock J2DB J-Type Zip-On Dry Bag - A generously sized, backpackable lightweight dry bag, the J2SD is the perfect complement to your J-Type backpack, for both fair and foul weather. This high quality roll-top dry bag is uniquely suited to Eberlestock J-type packs: for J107, J34, and JP9 packs, it will either drop into the main cargo compartment, or zip onto the outside of the pack at the expansion zipper. For the J51 and J79, it fills either or both of the bulk load positions in the load bay. With approximately 4,000 cubic inches of stowage space secured by a roll-top suitable for a river trip, and with all seams taped, this is a great way to keep your gear dry. Actual Weight = 14 oz. Shipping Weight = 2 lbs. Dimensions: 24"h x 13"w x 11.5"d Weight: 1 lb 8 oz

Eberlestock J3DB J-Type Zip On Dry Bag - 110L

These ultralight (10 oz.), 4000 to 6700 cubic inch dry bags are the perfect complement to your F1 Mainframe Pack, your M1 Carrier Frame Pack or your J-Type pack. Use one of these bags with your F1 Mainframe or the M1 Carrier Frame to instantly convert it to the most capable ultralight, high-volume backpack in the world. This setup can be enhanced by adding a pair of Batwing Pouches: if you're going to be hunting out of a spike camp, once you get there you can simply unzip the dry bag where you have your tent, sleeping bag, food, extra water, and anything else you want to keep in camp. Then you can zip together the two Batwings and hunt with a lightweight daypack (1,200 ci) that has world-class meat hauling capabilities. Not just for the frame sytems, these high quality roll-top dry bags are uniquely suited to the full family of EMOD products. Use them to add capacity to our J-type packs. For J117 and J34 packs, they will either drop into the main cargo compartment or zip onto the outside of the pack at the expansion zipper. For the J51 and J79, it fills either or both of the bulk load positions in the load bay. Choose either the J2DB or J3DB to get 4,000 or 6,700 cubic inches of stowage space secured by a roll-top and taped seams. This is a great lightweight option to keep your gear dry. [Regular] SKU: J2DB Volume: 65 Liters / 4,000 cubic inches Weight: 12 oz Dimensions: 30"h x 13"w x 13"d [Large] SKU: J3DB Volume: 110 Liters / 6,700 cubic inches Weight: 15 oz Dimensions: 30"h x 15"w x 15"d

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Eberlestock A6SB Batwing Pouch - Pouch Volume: 615 c.i. Weight: 11 oz Dimensions: 21"h x 6"w x 5"d The tall, narrow pockets on our J-Type packs are proven as a great way to stay organized. Because they don't have a lot of lateral space, things tend not to jumble around as you go through your pace. We like to think of each tube as a three-tiered space: bulk on the bottom, bulk on the top, and your apples, oranges, and widgets in the middle. When it's time to look for you apple, it'll be right where you put it, easy as that. Now comes the fun part: you can add a tube or two to just about any of our packs with our new A6SB Batwing Pouch. Think of the opportunities. Use two of them with the F1-Mainframe, and shazzam you've got a great minimalist version of our patented Cam Expansion™ packs, ready for a day's hunting interrupted by a harvest of a giant you-name-it. Or, add them to a J-type pack to add a third or fourth tube as a handy and simple way to increase capacity. Each Batwing features a wrap-around zipper for access, internal hydration sleeve (add one of our Source™ bladders!), attachment zippers compatible with our modular system, external tuck-pocket, and webbing loops running down the backside that give you the option of hanging the Batwing on your Eberlestock pack's grapple straps.

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Eberlestock A3SB Saddle Bag - Use these saddle bags to add about 3 liters capacity to our packs. Use them for additional gear storage, or when paired with our hydration bladders, they're a great way to externally mount hydration on a pack so that the bladder is easily accessible. The Saddle Bag is perfectly sized for our WXP3L hydration unit. There are two ways to attach the A3SB to a pack: they mount best on 6-row tall Padlock webbing panels using the Saddle Bag's integrated clip system, but can be mounted in a variety of other places using a tether attachment. The A3SB is particularly recommended for our G2, GS05, H2, and F3F packs, but will work with most others. Dimensions: 17"h x 5"w x 3"d Weight: 10 oz
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