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  • Ecogear SX 40F Lure

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    The new SX 40F ECOGEAR Australian Series is specially designed for the serious bream angler who is looking for the highest quality hard bait on the market. The 4.0cm SX 40F Australian special is the ideal size for bream. The many colour layers inside the lure body make SX40F unique to any other product on the market. SX 40F also has a built in weight system to give it a loud rattle and balanced swimming action. The loud rattle system turns passive fish aggressive to increase the hook-up rate.

    The treble is a world famous Owner C'ultiva treble; ultra sharp, ultra tough and designed for saltwater! Any angler can use ECOGEAR SX 40F straight from the box. No adjusting of the treble is needed.

    SX 40F has a tight shimmy action that is great for bream fishing. It also has slow floating buoyancy in saltwater which makes the SX 40F a great lure for anglers who like to use the retrieve-twitch, and stop technique. The lure has a diving range of 1.5m-2m depending on the line class.

    Retrieve Technique

    1. Retrieve Technique for Oyster Racks and Rock Crops

    When fishing oyster racks & rock crops it is best to cast as close as possible to the structure, and then use a "twitch-stop" retrieve. To work the lure this way, after you have made your cast, it is important to let the lure sit for a couple of seconds before moving it as this can be when a bream has heard the lure splashdown. Next step is to wind up the "slack" loose line without actually moving the lure. After the "slack" has been taken up, gently sweep your rod forward (approx 30cm) without winding the reel handle, to let the lure swim forward. Once again, now take up the "slack" and follow with a gentle sweep of the rod. Keep working your lure in this pattern, until it moves out of the strike zone.

    2. Retrieve Technique for Snag Structures

    As above but sometimes it pays to mix up the retrieve a bit to see what's working on the day. The double twitch is good to use when the bream are active, and it is simply two short quick sweeps forward, followed by a short pause while taking up the "slack". Importantly don't be afraid to try something different as sometimes that’s all it takes to fill up your bag.

    3. Retrieve Technique Sand Flats

    Typically, when fishing over sand flats it is best to employ a searching technique. Generally put out a long cast and steadily work the lure back in a steady fashion. From cast to cast, mix it up using the retrieves listed above and also some of your own. HINT- when fishing flats look for darker patches of water. This signifies either a small patch of weed or a small hole/trench. Bream will use both of these structures for cover while feeding on the flats.

    Australian Bream Model

    SX 40F


    FLOATING 40mm 2.5g

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