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Ecogear SX 48F Lure

This lure is great for bream, but will catch nearly every fish that live in both fresh and salt water.

Product details

Big brother of the popular SX40, the SX 48F was the original PREMIUM HARDBAIT lure and was designed for tournament bream fishing. This lure is great for bream, but will catch nearly every fish that live in both fresh and salt water.
Making a name for itself amongst the tough Australian tournament scene, the 48 became the bench-mark in bream lures and paved the way for ECOGEAR's PREMIUM HARDBAIT range.
This lure is compact in size and can reach depths of around 5 foot. It’s a great casting lure and is built with the best quality components available. The SX 48F is a must have lure for the serious tournament angler.

Target Fish
This lure is a real fish catcher – anything that feeds towards the surface or feeds in the top 6 foot eats the SX 48F.
Saltwater – bream, flathead, travelly, tarpon, barra, mangrove jack, estuary cod, and most reef species like corral trout, snapper, sweetlips etc.
Freshwater – bass, golden perch, trout, cod, redfin, silver perch, barra, mangrove jack, tarpon, and most species that live in the shallows.

Target Areas
This lure is a back-up to the SX 40. The 48 covers the next depth range where the 40 cannot reach (5 to 6 foot). This lure can be used in many different situations from shallow flats, snags to just about any structure that presents itself.

Swimming Action
Tight shimmy action.
Retrieve Technique
1. Retrieve Technique for Snag Structures
Cast the SX as close as possible to the structure as possible, work the lure past the structure with pauses as the lure passes the structure.

2. Retrieve Technique for Flats
Long repetitive casts, working the lure across the shallows, targeting gaps in the weed or subtle depth changes in the bottom. Slow constant retrieves with occasional pauses to allow the lure to rise to the surface work well.

SX 48F
FLOATING 48mm 3.8g

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