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  • Ecogear SX 60F Lure

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    Product details

    This lured is based on the successful shape and swimming action of the smaller SX 40 and 48 lures. Being 60mm in length and diving to around 8foot, this lure is a great size for targeting species like mangrove jack, flathead, barramundi and most other fresh and salt water species that feed in the top 8 foot of the water table.

    Like all of the PREMIUM HARDBAIT range, the SX 60F is built tough, using only the best quality components available. The beauty of the SX 60F is its versatility, Its size still allows the angler to target smaller species like bream, bass and flathead while having the confidence to target harder fighting species like mangrove jacks and barramundi.

    Target Fish

    This lure being a ‘floater-diver’ is useable in the shallowest water to depths of around the 8 foot mark.

    Freshwater – cod, bass, perch, red-fin, trout, barramundi, mangrove jacks, tarpon, saratogas.

    Saltwater – barramundi, mangrove jacks, bream, flathead, reef species like snapper, trout, sweetlips, cod, and many more.

    Swimming Action

    Tight shimmy action.

    Retrieve Technique

    1. Retrieve Technique for Rocky & Reef Areas in Saltwater

    This lure is great for casting into the shallows or across flats, work it slow until you reach the edge of the drop off then by working the rod tip in a downward motion and increasing the speed of retrieval, the lure will dive towards the drop off then plateau out and swim like a fleeing baitfish.

    2. Retrieve Technique for Snag Structures in Saltwater

    Cast the SX as close as possible to the structure and work the lure away from the snag with either a constant retrieve or with a erratic rod action keeping the lure ‘dancing’ throughout your retrieve. If these retrieves don’t work, try casting the lure past the structure working it to different depths and pausing the lure beside the structure before the commencing the retrieve again.

    3. Retrieve Technique for Flats in Saltwater

    Rocky, weedy or reefed flats are great areas to target feeding fish. Cast the lure across the flats in ‘fanned arks’ looking for subtle depth changes or sandy patches inbetween structure where fish hold.

    4. Trolling in Salt and Freshwater

    This lure, due to its size and diving capabilities can be trolled around reef edges or creek mouths for a variety of species in the salt or working shallow contours for impoundment fish.

    5. Retrieve Technique for Snag Structures in Freshwater

    Work snags much the same as you would with salt water structure but fresh water species like the retrieve much slower.

    6. Retrieve Technique for Weedy Areas in Freshwater

    Cast the lure towards the weed looking for clearings or weed lanes where the lure has the best chance of swimming without getting ‘weeded’ and where fish sit waiting in ambush for bait fish. Try getting in close to ‘vertical weed faces’ casting parallel to this structure and work the lure as close as possible to the ‘weed face’ without getting weeded.

    7. Targetting Surface Feeders

    This lure is great for casting across any depth of water when fish like barra are feeding towards the surface.

    Recommended Outfit

    Spinning outfits between 6 to 12lb.

    2000 to 3000 size reel.

    Bait casting outfits between 6 to 14lb.

    Colour Choice

    As a general rule, use natural baitfish colours on fine days and in clear water, and bright colours on overcast days and in muddy waters.

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