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Ecogear VX series (Vibes) Lure

Small sized, its lifelike fish profile exerts an energetic vibration that radiates throughout the entire water column.

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The VX series is another brilliant innovation from ECOGEAR. The VX Premium hard bait series is set to revolutionise small game sport fishing. Small sized, its lifelike fish profile exerts an energetic vibration that radiates throughout the entire water column.
The ability to be fished over a large variety of structure with a myriad of techniques, makes the VX a must have for any serious angler. Coming in four sizes (35mm, 40mm, 45mm & 50mm) allows the angler to choose when targeting lure shy fish. Built with only the best components available, the VX can even handle larger game fish with ease.
Designer's Tip!!
Back and Front Tow Points
The VX range is designed with two tow points. The two tow points allows for the angler to simply adjust the swimming style of the lure to suit a wide range of depths and fishing situations.
The front tow point is best suited for when casting out long and retrieving on the horizontal. A situation typical of flats fishing. The back tow point is perfect for when fishing vertical. It will give you maximum vibration when targeting deep schooled fish.
By adjusting the tow point you can achieve the optimum amount of vibration to suit the prevailing conditions. Try adjusting the tow point when fishing to get that extra bit out of the lure, and that vital kicker fish!

Target Fish
Bream, bass, whiting, flathead, trout, salmon, tailor. Most species will willingly eat well-presented VX vibration bait.
This lure was designed for bream but from extensive field-testing we’ve learnt that it appeals to a wide range of fish.

Target Structure
Flats, snags, deep schooling fish and contour lines.
Swimming Action
Sinking, tight vibrating lure.
Retrieve Technique
1. Retrieve Technique for Deep Schooling Fish
Cast the lure away from the schooled fish located on the depth sounder about the distance of the depth that they are schooled in. By keeping a tight line and allowing the VX to move towards the schooled fish until the lure is directly beneath the boat. Use small vertical twitches followed by periods of dead-sticking to entice bites from non-active schooled fish.
Another method is to vertically drop the VX directly into the schooled fish on a slack line with a wafting motion. This resembles an injured baitfish and will often attract bites on the way to the bottom. For wary school fish, try slow winding the VX through the school then stopping the lure and let it settle back through the school in the same wafting motion, repeating the retrieve until hook-up occurs.
Long casts also work well, keeping the VX on a tight line allowing the lure to vibrate until it reaches the bottom. Lift and hop the VX like the method used across the flats to entice weary bites.

2. Retrieve Technique for Snag Structures
Snags are best fished by throwing the VX past the structure then winding the lure towards the snag, stopping the lure just before the structure allowing the VX to descend through the water column like a fleeing bait fish. By feathering the lure with the rod tip on a tight line, allows the lure to fall with a constant vibration action exciting the predatory fish to attack.

3. Retrieve Technique for Flats
This lure works well when targeting active fish across shallow flats. This can be weed, rock or reefed areas. Hold the rod high and slowly retrieve the lure just keeping it off the structured bottom. Let the lure settle into any gaps or drop-offs before commencing the retrieve again. Try different retrieve speeds to entice wary fish to bite.
The "lift and hop" method also works when fishing across slightly deeper flats, especially when prospecting for schooling fish. With the use of long range casts, lift and hop the VX throughout the entire retrieve letting the lure settle many times on the bottom before repeating the lift and hop action.

4. Retrieve Technique for Contour lines & Breaks
Cast the VX into the shallows and allow it to sink to the bottom. Lift and hop the lure down the contour allowing it to settle onto the bottom several times throughout the retrieve. This is a great technique to cover lots of different structures throughout the entire cast.

Recommended Outfit
Light to medium spinning rods and 3 to 6 kg line with 1000 to 3000 size spinning reels.
Light bait casting outfits.

Colour Choice
As a general rule, use natural baitfish colours on fine days and in clear water, and bright colours on overcast days and in muddy waters.

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