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Dea Express - 24inch Barrel

Fausti has been manufacturing hunting and competition shotguns with great care and passion since 1948 combining century old traditions with progress and modern technology. Fausti over under and side by side shotguns are designed to meet the specific needs of very demanding hunters and shooters. They can also become true collector pieces with technical and aesthetic features which represent a milestone in time. The company was founded by Stefano Fausti and is run by his three daughters Elena, Giovanna and Barbara.

Product details

DEA EXPRESS is the side by side rifle FAUSTI gun makers have
specifically designed with driven hunters in mind. This rifle incorporates all the elements FAUSTI has made their own over the years such as reliability, elegance, ease of handling as well as the appeal and fascination of a time long gone. Light in weight at approximately 3 kg and perfect balance make this firearm your perfect companion on a big game driven hunt. Excellent performance and ease of use are what you want on a wild boar driven hunt.
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