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SPOTFYR 12000 - Son of HELLFYR - The best value hyper performance remote mount light available. Period.

Product details

NOTE: The SPOTFYR 12000 includes the same STEP-UP CONVERTOR as the PROFYR 12000. Light output is identical.

SPOTFYR is a result of taking the performance of the handheld PROFYR 12000 and configuring it as a remote mount style as the HELLFYR.

It uses the same reflector, light source and optics of the PROFYR that has been a huge success, especially within the rural agricultural market segment. No plastic. All components CNC alloy for the ultimate in durability in the field. No plastic toys here!

Bulb change in seconds in the field, no clips, no screws, just unwind the billet bulb holder and job is done. Precise focusing is just as easy as dialing in a rifle scope optic. You are ready to go in less time it takes to read this paragraph.

SPOTFYR 12000 is supplied with the same the same step-up convertor as the HELLFYR 12000 and PROFYR 12000.

Reflector size is 198mm compared to 240mm of the HELLFYR.

SPOTFYR chose a HALOGEN bulb. Why not HID or LED?

Firstly, despite common beliefs and perhaps wishful thinking not even a 100W HID has the output of the SPOTFYR bulb. The reality is the majority of ebay HID kits are just Chinese junk and grossly exaggerated specifications for the ballast and worse still are the bulbs which are best just thrown in the rubbish bin.

Ideally, you need to see maximum accurate detail, particularly if it is a mission critical scenario. You do not want washed out or missing colours, harsh shadows or unnecessary glare. HID & LED or any light source with a typical 5000K rating is less effective than the 100 CRI (colour rendering index) halogen due to the Tyndall effect of their propensity to scatter light in atmosphere contaminated by dust, smoke, moisture or other particulate. This phenomena is often observed as a blue bias glare or fog type bounce back to the viewer resulting in less detail and distance being achieved. A halogen bulb of equivalent brightness and volume will always be superior in this regard as technology currently stands. To discuss further please contact us and talk to our designers. Footnote: The only exception to this is a short arc type bulb however the costs are exorbitantly high initial purchase price and ongoing running costs of bulbs at hundreds of dollars each.

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