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  • NZ Freshwater Guide Book

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    SpotX Freshwater Fishing is a first of it's kind showing detailed topographical maps and information on hundreds of rivers and lakes that make up the rich tapestry of New Zealand's wonderful landscape.

    We have put this book together with the assistance of Fish & Game New Zealand who have been good enough top share a tremendous amount of data, enablingus to show you legal access for some of our most exciting fishing locations.

    Weather it's fly fishing , spinning, trolling, harling, deep trolling, jigging, bow fishing or course fishing this book will cover it all from North Cape to the Bluff.

    Each Spot includes information on:

    Species available

    Fishing Methods allowed

    Restrictions. Permits, legal season and best time of year

    Access, both public and private

    Fishing Tips

    Difficulty rating from 'easy' to area's requiring 'reasonable agility'

    This book should be a 'must have' in every freshwater fisherman's library!

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