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Beginnings - An Introduction to Fly Fisihing - Mel Krieger


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Beginnings DVD - Mel Krieger
An Introduction to Flyfishing

Beginnings is an informative, gentle introduction to the mechanics, the art, the poetry, the philosophy, the very essence of flyfishing.

Mel unravels the mysteries of flyfishing in the same direct, unaffected manner that distinguishes his flycasting instructional videos/DVDs, The Essence of Flycasting I & II.

Instruction without intimidation, this DVD is a must for beginners or anyone who has ever considered becoming a flyfisher.

DVD Bonuses
. A complete fly fishing glossary.
. Mel's Reminders.
. Fly Fishing Moments

A medley of music and visuals created by Michael Wanger, a 3 time Emmy Award nominee
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