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Marlin Off the Rocks


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Piscator Productions Marlin off the Rocks Rock Fishing DVD

If you think this is just another fishing video, then think again.

Whether you?re a Fisherman or not, this is a real life adventure you won?t forget!

Phil Atkinson and Grantly Gray take you on Sportfishing?s ultimate quest, to catch the ocean?s greatest game fish ? the Black Marlin, while fishing from the coastal rocks!

In a unique adventure, that many thought could never be achieved, Marlin Off The Rocks will completely revolutionise the way you think about fishing.

Unbelievable footage of the world?s greatest ever shore based Marlin bite ? over a dozen tackle and angler destroying hookups to a huge Marlin, breath taking scenery, the human story of overcoming the most impossible odds, and much, much more ? makes this the fishing experience of the millennium!

65 Minutes


Dolby Digital


Full Screen

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