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Snapper Down Under


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In the tradition of 'Great Grey Submarines' and 'Secret Silver', Brendan Wing and Warren Carter hit the water again - this time in search of the legendary Big Red, the Aussie snapper. Over an amazing 4 hours see how patience, self-belief, attention to detail and "thinking big" produce multiple captures of these highly prized fish.

With loads of tackle tips, bait presentations, scenery profiles, maps and aerial footage, "Snapper Down Under" is a must for any fisho aspiring to catch a bag of quality Big Reds. While filming on Port Phillip, Western Port and the Spencer Gulf, the boys take you on a journey that explores the discipline of hard work and the emotions born of triumph.

Included is a shoot out between charter gurus Matt Cini and Warren Carter plus Winga's catch and release of the of a huge snapper in the popular Tea Tree annual competition, plus the hottest soft plastic snapper session yet to be put on film.

Add to all this a pumping soundtrack by Baby Atom and a number of special guests including some very familiar faces, and you have most likely the best Australian snapper DVD ever produced!

This mammoth double-DVD set includes chapters such as:

Down Under
Hot Bite
Carter Style
Journey Begins
Western Port
The Hunt
Outfits at Work
Releasing Reds
Axis of Symmetry
Big Daddy
DIY Squid
Rigging for Reds
The Micallef's
Soft Plastics
Shim-Arno Bay
Tea Tree Big Red
and much more.

This is a HDV, double DVD production of 4 hours from the producers of Great Grey Submarines and Secret Silver, Salty Dog Films.

Expect the best, expect nothing less. Expect to learn how you too can catch quality Aussie snapper
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