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30 mm standard mount rings Ultra Long Detection Range With the advanced imaging sensor and large-focus objective lens, STELLAR series provides incredible detection capabilities, and can detect a 1.7m target at a distance up to 2600m. Highlights Capturing The pre-recording function will be activated after sensing the recoil, it will record the 7 seconds prior to your shot and 7 seconds after your shot, to create a 14 seconds video with audio. Precision Shooting Zeroing with a continuous “Zoom” & "Freeze", improve the shooting accuracy. Multiple Reticle Profiles 5 Reticle Groups, 4 Colors, 10 Reticle Types

Panther LRF

PANTHER LRF Built-in laser rangefinder, accurately measure the distance Class-Leading Image Quality The powerful VOx 12 µm imaging sensor with NETD < 35mK and large aperture F1.0 lens ensure the perfect distinction of the target and present clear and detailed pictures even in complete darkness. 50 fps full frame delivers smooth video of dynamic scenes.

Thunder Pro

Advanced Imaging Sensor THUNDER Pro features the new VOx 12µm sensor to provide exceptional thermal image clarity and detail.
(3 items) 1 page
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