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HELIA 42 RF - Rangefinder Bino

COMFORTABLY EASY AND RELIABLE. The lightweight and ergonomic HELIA RF perfectly combines high performance optics with intuitively simple and reliable targeting up to 1,500 m. With innovative Waldkauz ® loden cover, scan mode and patented EAC (Enhanced Angle Compensation) function.

HELIA 42 - 8x42 and 10x42

IDEAL FOR STALKING AND HUNTING IN THE MOUNTAINS. The natural colours, the lightweight, balanced design with the open bridge and the unique, silent protective cover made of high-quality loden cloth are perfectly suited for inconspicuous carrying and observing on the hunting ground.

HELIA 56 - 8x56

MADE FOR THE NIGHT. The light sensitive HELIA 8x56 is perfectly right for the night. It persuades with a brilliant optic. Its pronounced individuality is underlined by the ergonomic design, the natural colour and the Waldkauz® leather strap with its well matching colours.

HELIA S 42 - The Perfect Allrounder

The HELIA S 42 impresses with uncompromising focus on the real essentials: functionality, reliability, handling and aesthetics. The perfect allrounder for hunting.
(4 items) 1 page
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