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Negrini Tikka Tact Rifle Hard Case

NEGRINI TACTICAL RIFLE HARD CASE Negrini is famous for Made in Italy, rugged hard cases, used by most of the world's finest firearms manufacturers. Customize as you see fit with the Negrini die-cut cases. The 1640ISY is constructed of a very durable polypropylene exterior and finished with 4 push-n-pull locks. The interior is finished with quality egg crate foam for proper compression and easy to cut die-cut foam. The bottom of the case also is equipped with 20mm thick foam for proper padding of your firearm. The standard rifle case of the Tikka TACT A1 in Australia, featuring orange Tikka logo. The 1640C-ISY Tactical Rifle case is excellent for long range competition style rifles with plenty of room for scopes, optics, extra magazines, and accessories. Lightweight in comparison to other cases on the market, the 1640C-ISY weighs 5.1 kg. The interior measures 1168mm x 300mm wall to wall and 54mm deep and 250mm wide at the handle. Plenty of room for all airsoft rifles, airgun rifles, and bolt action rifles.

Product details


- Lifetime Warranty

- Durable PP Construction

- Push-Pull Locks

- Orange Tikka logo

- Die-cut foam

- Ashlar foam top & Padded Foam bottom

- Used as standard packaging in Australian edition Tikka TACT A1

Internal Dimensions
Length: 1168mm
Width: 300mm
Depth: 54mm

External Dimensions
Length: 1175mm
Width: 336mm
Depth: 140mm
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