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Sound Cards for use with Deluxe Universal Game Caller

Choose from a broad range of Animal sounds.

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Choose from a broad range of Animal sounds to use with the Deluxe Universal Game Caller.

Game Caller Owners - When purchasing additional sound cards, please note the colour of the sticker label on your sound card. All new model units need the Yellow cards.


Current sound modules available (5 recordings per card)
An information card is supplied with every sound module purchase.
Keep watching this space for new sound card releases.

ELK: Because of the very high pitch nature of both the Location bugle and bugle calls we highly recommend using our accessory 8-watt Amplifier for the best result, when using this sound card in our game caller.

Please Note: Elk recordings were kindly supplied by two times world Elk calling Champion Joel Turner.
"Recordings used under license and are the property of Joel Turner, Eatonville, U.S.A”

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