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Mojo Super Critter - HW2304

The SUPER CRITTER is truly a case of the "BEST GETTING BETTER". Using the same tantalising motion as the Critter, but in a more advanced decoy!

Mojo Critter HW5121

After trying many versions, MOJO Outdoors has developed the most effective predator decoy on the market.

Magnetic Wing Set (Mojo Mallard) HW8105 - Baby Floater HW8106


Mojo Decoy Spreader WL100


Mojo Mallard Drake HW2109 - Hen HW2110 with remote


Mojo Hooker HW2301


Mojo Pack HW2310


Mojo Bird Tote HW 2205


Mojo Critter Extension Pole HW9215

(9 items) 1 page
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