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  • Piranta Edge Pocket Knife

    Your price: $69.95

    Product details

    For field dressing and skinning deer, elk, bear, boar and just about any critter you can hunt,the Piranta-Edge in easy-to-find blaze orange is our best selling knife. It's always sharp - just replace the blades and go!

    Features Include:

    - 12 additional stainless steel #60XT blades, 2-3/4"

    - Rugged stain resistant ABS plastic handle

    - Overall length 7-1/4"

    - Ambidextrous thumb studs

    - Open back for easy cleaning

    - Liner-lock construction

    - Removable holster clip

    You'll appreciate the light weight of this skinning and caping knife: less than three ounces. And no need to carry extra knives, heavy files, stones or other sharpeners.

    It's "The Sharpest Knife You'll Never Lose!"

    (Item Code: XTC-60EDGE)

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