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  • A Deer Cullers Tale - Dave Drangsholt

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    Size 232 x 153 mm, 264 pages.

    Colour and black & white photographs.

    Dave Drangsholt started his hunting career in the wilds of Australia hunting the local Sambar deer. From those early hunts he became interested in deer and moved to the Mecca of South Pacific deer hunting in the South Island of New Zealand. The first hunts as a private hunter convinced him that his calling lay with the Forest Service as a deer culler, which is what he eventually became. A hard worker with a keen mind he realised that there was more to deer control than just culling. A deer culler in the 1960s was expected to be able to do whatever was required from bush hunting to high alpine hunting as the department dictated. This exposed him to the widest range of habitats and hunting conditions. The experience has stood him in good stead.

    He has since worked for Parks Victoria in Australia and DOC in New Zealand. With the knowledge gained over the years he brings a fresh perspective to what for many were “the good old days.”

    He now spends his time between Victoria, Australia, where he is involved in a deer research project and the South Island of New Zealand, where he continues to hunt at every opportunity.

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