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Jaeger 10 Bolt Action Rifle

A hunting gun that looks just as good on a driven hunt as it does when sharp-shooting. The principles here: reduction down to the essential, a classic shape, the best steel and fine wood. The forged receiver is unique in this class: it impresses with its precise handling and makes the operation of the bolt handle a joy. The modern bolt action rifle with the Haenel arrow: simple grace and target oriented

Product details

Barrel length: 565 mm + 615 mm (Magnum) > Overall length: 1100 mm + 1150 mm (Magnum) > Weight: 3,2 kg > Caliber: .270 Win.; .30-06; .308 Win.; 6,5x55; 7x64; 8x57IS; 9,3x62; Magnum: 7mm Rem Mag.; .300 Win. Mag. > Magazine capacity: 3+1 >>

Functional and practical: the Jaeger.10 is manufactured using the most modern technology available. The highly stable six-lug bolt head runs smoothly in the cold-forged receiver, with the best possible surface finish and sliding behaviour. This receiver fits perfectly with the cold-hammer forged Suhl barrels. The opening angle of just 60 degrees allows for a quick repetition. Additional features include a crisp trigger with optional set trigger and a removable magazine for quick magazine changes. Everything that a light and responsive all-rounder needs!
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