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KAHLES Anti Reflection Device (Killflash) 27mm

KAHLES Anti Reflection Device (Killflash) 27mm (HELIA/K16i)

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KAHLES Anti Reflection Device (Killflash) 27mm

What Is A Killflash?
Scopes, as with any other optics or high-tech gizmos, are accompanied by a barrage of foreign terminology that is not always obvious from the name as to what the heck the thing actually is.

With a killflash, you get kind of an idea, but it’s not completely clear and can leave you baffled. What is a killflash? We’ll clear that mystery up for you here so you can decide if this is an accessory you need, want, or can do without.

Appearance And Function
The killflash/ARD (anti-reflective device) or honeycomb filter is a darker colored honeycomb patterned filter that threads on over the objective lens of your scope.

This is meant to cut down on glare and obscure or camouflage the obvious flash or shininess of the lens when looking at it from the front. You can be perfectly concealed and on target, and if your quarry catches a glimpse of that lens flash, your cover’s blown!
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