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Short stroke bolt system with small rotating angle for fast reloads.
Rotary bolt head, with 6 locking lugs, locks into the barrel extension and tested to 8000 bar.
Three position safety on the buttstock neck. The centre position allows safe unloading of the rifle while the lower position blocks the trigger and locks the bolt.
Magazine can be easily detached for unloading. To achieve this the trigger guard swings down to allow access and, at the same time, automatically selects safe and will also decock if the set trigger is engaged.
Crisp trigger mechanism with a single set trigger incorporated.
Solid reliable scope mounting on the barrel so that point of zero does not change when you change calibres.
Easy calibre change requiring few manipulations.
Quick take down allows for easy transport in a very compact size.
There are three barrel lengths: 515mm, 565mm and 615mm (depending upon calibre).
Options for Round, octagonal and fluted barrels (depending upon calibre and model).
Also available as a genuine left-hand design.

Available in six grades
-Standard Black

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